Hey my lovelies!! As the holiday season arrives, there are a lotta events and parties to attend. Besides which we have been catching up with a lot of our friends whom we werent able to for a long while with everyones schedule being so hectic. This holiday I would be heading for travel and a lotta things in store! Will keep you guys posted as always. In the meanwhile, I thought I would share one of the dresses I added to my closet that absolutely made me feel like I was heading for an red carpet event! Even though I would be wearing this at an upcoming event. I thought I would let you guys in a sneekpeak! This gorgeous dress is sent by the lovely people from 27 dress! Firstly I want to thank them for making this custom made dress specfically to my requirements and preference. Since most of my gowns are bright colors and dark ones like black or white I opted for this gorgeous peach colour which I know will go for most event and evening parties. The most amazing thing about this color is I sort of feel like I am part of those celebrities in the oscar red carpet haha...Most of the design and embroidery is so intricate and I love the way it flows all across. Just totally out of this world really. So Im so grateful for them to be kind enough to send me this lovely dress!! Esp these dresses can be worn for all events including weddings and if you have special events like Proms. 

Fall is fast disappearing here so many cities still can enjoy pleasant weather and we need to our jackets and coats out to brace ourselves for change in weather. So recently Shein sent me this gorgeous camel coat. The camel coats are so in this season supermodels to celebs have been wearing it all across the magazines and streetstyles.I think ths fall you must own a  I couldn't resist to add this gorgeous color and style to my closet. It's such a great looking coat yet very chic and comfortable. I want to add that Shein store has been absolutely fantastic! Have a look at this camel coat on their site heres the link.  They're collabs are absolutely fabulous and very generous! Here are some of the looks of the camel coat I'm loving :) what's your favorite style?

Fall is the time the leaves change color and its such a prety sight tose the very change in colours. We had a fun weekend as theweather moves to winter...Playing in the park and just taking our son for his favorite time of playing and enjoying with hisfamily. What yog looks forward to is the weekends so he can explore and run wild! Now with age hes growing so fast Idont knowhow time flying by. One of the things I love about staying in sweden is the nature all around...Wherever you move around, you can find beautiful greenery and beautiful flowers. I see him growing and i go back to thedayswhen I was due with him and how intense my labourwas. To the time he opened his eyesand laid on me. Gets me so emotional...yet i dont want him to grow up!  

Weddings are one of those special occasions that I feel every girl feels like a princess. I personally have always look forward to attending weddings because the joy in the brides and grooms face...meeting all my family and friends and just having a great time is one of the best moments for me. Over the years attending these events always draws me to visiting some great fashion stores to try out and buy dresses from. I have also been a big believer is really have a variety and diversity in the choics for he dresses and one of the websites for this very purpose ! So if your looking for gorgeous wedding dresses is called  AISLE STYLE and their website is  aislestyle.co.uk. My favorite pieces are the Purple Bridesmaid Dresses and Vintage Inpsire Wedding dresses are my favorite looks. Purple is my favorite color and I think it looks amazing. At a recent weding I wore this gorgeous purple bridesmaid dress and I felt so elegant yet most beautiful. You can look amazing yet not overshadow the bride. So hopefully you can find a gorgeous dress here and let me know about it I cant wait to see it!! 

As you guys know I am obsssessed with  my TUMBLR...and flatlays are my new real obsession! Haha I think the reason is whenever I go shopping or get something I love I just take shots with it and share it on my instagram and other social media sites! I hope you guys are liking it but basically Ilve these. They make your instagram look chic and you are sharing your original shots rather thansomeone elses which was something I always shared and realised I can take better shots of things I have than worry about taking someone elses! These are some of the shots I have taken recently for accessories I love using. Will keep sharing them here and keep checking my other social media like FB tumblr and instagram! I love sharing all these images.. :D

So I was just reminesed the time I was in Jeju islands! This beautiful island was just what I needed after so much of travelling like so 20 hours we landed and the only thing I wanted to do was rest indoors the first evening rather than focus on going out. Since we were there for a week there was plenty of time for siteseeing and gosh I was famished . We hang out with our friend and decided to just explore around the hotel and eat in! Sometimes it more fun to just chill out then the need to go out the town exploring espiecally after such a long flight. The uniqueness was that I was travelling from Europe to  Jeju island flew straight to the SFO and it was probably the most hectic ever! 
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