Summer has finally gone and here I am reminising the summer months with this post. The great thing about it was just sitting in the park enjoying the weather, with a relaxing time and be able to spend time with myhoney buns..after having my favorite hazelnut chocolate icecream we played on the swings and just lay on the grass appreciating the beautiful surroundings. I didnt carry my digital canon and the phone pics had to do...but just the way the day holds so much of fun and relaxation i wanted to capture it either ways.

The funny part was my son wanted to keep running down the hill it was so funny...we had to keep catching up and holdin him back ...His sense of adventure comes from his father for sure. Coz mine phobias of height is a big issue...Going up is ok as long as I dont ned to look down...which is the challenge...!! Haha...either way me doing down the hill is a sight tosee...the MOST SCARED person ever. 


Dress- l Bag- Micheal Kors l Sandals - Skoputen (swedish store) l Bangle - Marc jacobs l Watch - Micheal Kors

Hi lovelies! I hooeƄe u had a greatweekend! So the nexgt lookI am featuring is this gorgeous floral dress I think I am getting obsessed with this floral print haha..I seem to have a few pieces. The dres was perfect for a visit to our friends and i paired it with a black tights because the chill has definitely set in...Since i was doing this shoot indoor I didnt add that. However, the lighting seems better indoor as the fall moves to winter so I will take these shoots indoors for now, unless sunny days do arrive! Its been raining and cloudy here quite abit. My son as usual keeps me on toes and this weekend we took him all over the palce, he loves trains and exploring the parks! Playtime is probably his fav esp outdoor activities with his bikes and toys! Its these simplemoments that I cherish more.

Apart from this my phone decide to keep crashing and if you are folowing me on twitter u will notice that i hav ementioned my apps crashing and stuck the old phone was getting on my nerves, i had to then go for a new one. This time I decided to take a real higher memory and be done with it I use so many apps that I guess i managed to crash my phone. Guys a simplet ip always upgrade your memory before your phone crashes and you lose all your data. I picked up a samsung s6 edge I found it gorgeous and thought lets pick up the best! Will do a feature soon and review of it soon  the blog my lovelies. 


We arrived in the gorgeous city of Prague for a whole week! As usual I did my research on restros, locales and what I planned to do there whole time- My hubby had his meetings to attend as well, so during those hours I decided to also spend sometime exploring the nearby siteseeing places on foot and Prague was just a breeze to do that. On day 1, after our short flight, we arrived at our gorgeous Intercontinental Hotel which is placed at the centre of the city  After exploring on foot a litle we spotted this lovely restro and decidedto order here... :D 

I went shopping and discovered a lotta things I just had to feature in my youtube video! Here is a few of them that I absolutely loved! Just click on the image above and it will take you to my youtube video and you can see all the stuff i Got  or you can visit my youtube channel directly - I have been loving my chanel cosmetic bags I picked up while on holiday in Rome! Such a great purchaseand we were living right near the exclulsive boutqiues of some of the best brands in the world! They are perfect for my travel now. My other accessories the Burberry Body mist is another fav I cant live without! Its literally become a part of me!

My new Micheal Kors wallet has been there but I havent featured it in the video, as I plan to  do a seperate MK collection of things I have, which was a suggestion by one of my twitter birds! Thank you!! Sounds good and I will probably do just that... :d Making videos now has been such fun Ive enjoyed it a lot. The latest addition to my closet has been the Chloe Drew styled bag I have been using for my daily routine! Its so easy and correct comppact size for me to take it travelling or just for daily chores! Check out the video here for more about what i got :D

TopZNU Official l Jeans - H&M l Shoes - l Bag - Choies l Bangle - Marc Jacobs

 This is my second look from the fashion store ZNU Official have sent me this gorgeous color teal top. I selected this because I absolutely love this colour and the soft gorgeous cotton material is perfect for a fun dya out or spending time with friends or even just picking up a coffee! Absolutely loving the colour and goes perfectly with my bag too dont you think. You can find this top on their website here -

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