Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mix n Match

 Sarah Michelle Gellar, wow, she stuns in her lovely Maxi Dresses...which of course my favourites at the moment ;) First of all I love Maxi dresses, not only are they comfortable but they make you look very elegant and beautiful. One of my favorite looks for sure. Sarah naturally brings a certain look to it and always love her way of dressing.

Sarah Michelle Gellar : Maxi Dress

I really loved the Ali Larter amazing style! The boots are  to die for and Ive got this look totally is me! Im not always that chic kinda dresser, its soooooo cliched and I simply love this one. Cheers Larter.She really kills it with this sharp look. I think I can wear this for just a normal day out or even to work and I guess that makes it a must have. I love the boots, esp living in places like europe where its prominently cold and this would be one of my favorite closet to go outfits.

Ali Carter : Business Clothing made fun!

Victoria Beckham style is a lil too classy and sophisticated for my preference. But this particular look I have really enjoyed to check out...She combines the bag and accessories so well...Want that dress now..the hunt is on. Audrey Hepburn was the last lady I remember who brought back the sleek, sharp dresses which can be worn for your parties to even luncheons. Victoria nails it with her collection and her looks. She has brought style in her own right and never have I seen that she adds too much accessories, which is one of the things I like about her looks.

Posh Sophisticated Attire 

Alicia Silverstone stylish tastes in the movie ´Clueless´, and  I loved the way she looked in her cool and amazing dresses and college outfits...The shoes really got me loving it and owning a pair too...! Alicia started a movement with Clueless and it became the most go to outfits for school and everyone I knew was copying her looks and to be honest after a point I was like wondering if people even realise that it doesnt really suit them. So then thats Alicia who could really pull off long socks and make that a fashion statement. I probably would look ridiculous in those. But thanks for the inspiration!

Clueless look - back in Fashion 

 absolutely amazing looking jumpersuit was so cute! I had to get it and believe me girlies throw your jeans out and get a pair of these. They are the most comfortable and cool looking attire for me.. Probably this look is my lets-head-to-grocery-store look. It gives me one of my favorite moments a go to and run to moment. Days in the park, get togethers, home parties all this look is my must have. I did try something like this on my holiday to Spain though I remember. 

Coolest Jumpsuit Look

When you wanna party hard and then you have t orock the night, get this sleek look, I fell in love with this skirt and got has the sheek at the same time you will look and feel totally outta this world...For a night out with your girls and just laying back I love the fact this dress has a very sheek and short look but very classy at the same time. We need to have fun but not worry about our dresses being too short or showing a lot!

Party wear - Rock it girls!

 casual collection that girls have it going on now around and on the fashion scene...Faux fur is more my scene. SO having said that this look definitely reminds me for a casual day out and even if you are running out of ideas of what you want to wear t his would definitely be the way to go for sure. One of my favorite moments for sure and love this.

Fur Coat gone right!

The routine workout and day  to day casual wear doesnt always have to be boring..try this combination of Kate Hudson and feel great about how you look anytime...all the time! Such a beach wear vibe this outfit gives me. Airport and just meeting friends, they are countless moments this would work. Just make sure you do your hair up well so you dont look too thrown off or as if you just rolled off the bed.

Kate Hudson: Everyday look 

The 90210 star and Reese here show you some other casual looks for any season...enjoyyy
Events, parties, and big showy affairs would be this look for sure. Cant be everyday for me. Honestly, this was too black for my liking but it can be my go to outfit for my once in a while outing and I enjoy the time that I get with this look.

Lady in Black

                  Reese kills it with this cute yet fun outfit. Whenever you want to beat the heat probably is when this outfit comes out for me. Its easier to manage and I dont have the hassle of just wearing what looks like a one time outfit. You can mix and match and keep it for  your occasions and make sure you ejoy the time you use it for.           

Reese Fun Relaxed Look     

Ashley Tisdale looks really adorable in my favvvvv color PINK and in a summer shorts and top combination...Perfect for a summer day and make you head around the town , hit back and spend time with the girls ...spend a nice day on the beach.'

Ashley Tisdale : Pool party look..


  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2011

    Love the fashion hanz....esp maxi dress! Luv Pooja

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    Wow....this is fab I have such incredible looks to see. I'm gonna try a few too . The best for me was the jumpsuit too..luv sheen xoxo

  3. No words...but love the style!! Great job Hanz!! Your blog rules right now! 
    After mine of course..

    Drop by I have a style competition and your on it...


  4. This ones really tough! I love all of them! Xxx

  5. This post is awesome! ;-) Thank you Dear for your sweet comments ;-)



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