Monday, July 11, 2011

Soul Friend

Its always taken me a lotta time to become Best friends. Maybe because most of my life I spend travelling and not really having a base in a city to maintain with people. Howver, I have always cherish some of my oldest friendships which go back to 15 years and more. One such friend is preets. We were good friends when we worked together but once I moved jobs we lost touch.suddenly destiny had a way to meeting again through a friend and then we realized that we live in same area just one block apart! It gave us an opproutnity to get back a friendship I am so grateful to have in my life. Few people leave an impact like preets does and I'm till date so very happy we met again and she's like a sister I always wanted and now have in the form of a friend :)

Rarely do I have an opportunity to express myself about my dear friends. People who have been absolutely sunshine ;) They are special and caring people, who always have a special place in my heart. This blog is for one such friend, Preeti. She is by far one of the kindest, dearest people in my life. I remember on days when I have been grumpy beyond words Preets has been someone who alwaysssssssss makes me smile. She has a special wya of making sure to cheer me up. Spritiual beyond words, and she has really taught me the art of being silent. She doesn't raise her voice, shes calm and cool and knows how to handle situations, contrast to my ever hyper nature. One of the prized moments for me was to discover she lives nearby and that we would meet up so frequently, head out for parties, shopping, eating and walks around our place.

Such fun and memories I will always treasure for life.Here's to you Preets, thanks for being such an angel. 


  1. Hi Hansa

    I m honored... :) Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

    Missing our outings with the whole bunch of us as well as watching movies back to back after bunking office ;)

    With Love


  2. Preets,

    Its my absolutely priviledge!

    Your really one of the most exceptional people I know.

    Bless youuuuu


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