I set my eyes on latest CHANEL Latest Ad, had to share it with you. The usual Chanel ads are models posing, or some scenic locale. But this campaign really stands out for the originality of it. Gives you a feel of being transformed into another time doesnt it? Love, love, lovee it! CHANEL Latest Ad this summer gives you the Regal and Elegance. The look itself has captured my essence of style and glamour with such richness, I couldn't help but share it with you all.

Sarah Michelle Gellar : Maxi Dress

So it’s been over a while now since I returned from Sri Lanka and I have not blogged about it. Have you been wondering? (and if not, why not?). The truth is, the entire holiday was slightly underwhelming and I have been mulling over what was not quite right – actually, I knew what was wrong even while in Sri Lanka but I have been wanting to pen down the beauty and amazing locales of this place...

Holiday in Sri Lanka is ideal if you’re looking forward to have fun, enjoy the sunshine and frolic in white sandy beaches. where you can leave your footprints in white velvet sands, where you can enjoy wild life in Sri Lanka. I saw around 80 elephants were let loose and walking around with few people around them with a cane. That basically meant we could be attacked possibly and we were warned. However, the Coorgi blood in me was excited! In the first shot u can actually see the elephants behind me...hehe..  

Sri Lankan Beaches are the most picturesque in the world. With Soft sound of waves and white sandy beaches you can experience the beauty of Sri Lanka. Trust me...spending hours of my time by the beaches,relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty of blue skies took my breath away...Staying @ some of best hotels allowed us to indulge in nature mingling with the luxuries Hotels like Taj Bentota, Taj Samudra, to name a few gave us a taste of the grand and traditional yesteryear, with the convenience of modern comforts.

Guatemala is by far one of the most beautiful destinations I have gone to..it has the some of the most amazing scenic beauties and you would really be mesmerized by its everyday beauty..When I was headed to this beautiful place. I found the people sooo friendly!  I felt at home almost immediately. Culturally they are people who enjoy their lifestyle. Work is important but enjoying is  more important! Partying, socialising and having a lotta fun is the daily routine of these locals. There i was unknown in this place new and completely wondering what this adventure for the next few months is about. I had heard certain stories, it isnt exactly one of the most safest places. But, ironically i met the sweetest ppl! So i really didnt realise any of that. You need to be careful obvious.  Certain regions were always not safe to go alone, especially if you are not from that city. The best is to mingle with the locals.  I managed to make some really great friends for life! :) 

I guess culturally ppl are very friendly. I guess that is something which isn't everywhere in India as ppl tend to be more reserved, back home. ANTIGUA are the pictures above, looks like an absolute post card! One of the most beautiful places and walk around the town looks like they are  colourful paintings you are walking by ;) Antigua offers a very rare glimpse of the beauty of the Lake's and oceans. So weekends I spent exploring the city of Guat, it has beautiful monuments. Dont miss the 'TIKAL MAYA RUINS', they have some amazing history you shd definitely visit and read up on :) Also, the other places i lovedddd were Antigua and Panachel. Lake Atitlan is another attraction and tourist spot. Though this scenic place is untouched.Sorry about the images guys had to take it with the phone most of them coz of the hiking I didnt wanna take a chance. :D 

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