May 31, 2011

CHANEL Cleopatra Aura

Hi my dearies, I'm back with another fashionista..I set my eyes on latest CHANEL Latest Ad, had to share it with you. The usual Chanel ads are models posing, or some scenic locale. But this campaign really stands out for the originality of it. Gives you a feel of being transformed into another time doesnt it? Love, love, lovee it! CHANEL Latest Ad this summer gives you the Regal and Elegance. The look itself has captured my essence of style and glamour with such richness, I couldn't help but share it with you all.

May 30, 2011

D&G Style - Floral dresses

I know Monday blues might have taken you away to another work and busy lifestyle. Trust me, Ive been there..Here is some Summer looks and dresses that give you a fresh feel to fashion this summer! Have fun and enjoy them. Wanna go out with your friends on a summer day? Try these styles and get the summer feel all over again.. D&G has the cute colors for handbags!  Denim was never made so much fun!! Here are the great ways to combine your dresses with denim and look so chic! D&G have such amazing sunglasses.

May 28, 2011

Celebrity Trends

Celebrity being sighted are the most popular way to get what they are wearing. Arent these styles like to-die-for? Each one has a unique occasion and you can wear it anytime almost! So here's listing some of my favorite daily wear looks!

Sarah Michelle Gellar : Maxi Dress

May 27, 2011

Sri Lanka - Land of the Elephants :)

So it’s been over a while now since I returned from Sri Lanka and I have not blogged about it. Have you been wondering? (and if not, why not?). The truth is, the entire holiday was slightly underwhelming and I have been mulling over what was not quite right – actually, I knew what was wrong even while in Sri Lanka but I have been wanting to pen down the beauty and amazing locales of this place...

Holiday in Sri Lanka is ideal if you’re looking forward to have fun, enjoy the sunshine and frolic in white sandy beaches. where you can leave your footprints in white velvet sands, where you can enjoy wild life in Sri Lanka. I saw around 80 elephants were let loose and walking around with few people around them with a cane. That basically meant we could be attacked possibly and we were warned. However, the Coorgi blood in me was excited! In the first shot u can actually see the elephants behind me...hehe..  

Other attractions are bird watching and sip the world’s finest tea.  If your planning to tour SL, means that you’ll have lots of fun, experience a different culture.For those who want to spend their holiday in peace and quite, Sri Lanka is Best place for that. There are plenty of places that seem to take you to another world.This is the perfect place to relax.

Sri Lankan Beaches are the most picturesque in the world. With Soft sound of waves and white sandy beaches you can experience the beauty of Sri Lanka. Trust me...spending hours of my time by the beaches,relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty of blue skies took my breath away...Staying @ some of best hotels allowed us to indulge in nature mingling with the luxuries Hotels like Taj Bentota, Taj Samudra, to name a few gave us a taste of the grand and traditional yesteryear, with the convenience of modern comforts.

By spending your holiday in Sri Lanka we got so much of entertainment out of awsum trip.Sri Lanka is a marvelous place to spend your vacation. It is unforgetable.All right enough said, start planning to have the most wonderful time of your life. Holidays are always about creating great memories and with family and friends its more fun! 

May 26, 2011

Central America - Trekking the Volcanoes!

Guatemala is by far one of the most beautiful destinations I have gone has the some of the most amazing scenic beauties and you would really be mesmerized by its everyday beauty..When I was headed to this beautiful place. I found the people sooo friendly! I felt at home almost immediately. Culturally they are people who enjoy their lifestyle. Work is important but enjoying is  more important! Partying, socialising and having a lotta fun is the daily routine of these locals. There i was unknown in this place new and completely wondering what this adventure for the next few months is about. 

May 25, 2011

Nepal, yes of Truth

 I've lived in Nepal for a year while I was growing up. Being a kid we lived in this independent house and I remember the people being very friendly and weather was always lovely. I would be on my little bike speeding across the house and my mom running after me hahha...but what I remember most about Kathmandu is the beautiful temples. They were magnificent. I always looked forward to have a look at them and they have talk me so much in my life. The eyes of truth song from Enigma was actually filmed in Nepal. I absolutely love that song. Thats my experience in Nepal that they are spirtual people, very loving and caring. I actually made my hindi fluent in Nepal. 

May 23, 2011

Dubai & Bahrain - Desserts, Camels & my childhood

Its been amazing living in Dubai.I have the fondest memories. And I have enjoyed my best days there. I was born in India but then moved to Dubai. That is where I had the opportunity to meet a lotta different cultures at a very young age. Here's me as a kiddo with my dad at Dubai beach hehe....Cute memories!! The picture below is dad and I in Dubai at the beach..

May 21, 2011

Oprah Angel Network

The Oprah Show,  has influenced a generation of people, including me. She has handled such outspoken and controversial subjects with such ease. She makes the person being interviewed feel so important and special, you feel like sharing your life story with her. One such episodes impacted me a lot which was the..This year on my BDAY! I really didnt want it to be like any other one..getting presents, throwing a bash...loads of calls..those were not my requirements.. Its time to give back.. I suddenly came up wit the best charity idea there is... So much needs to be done why not start wit pennies. Oprah show inspired me to start the Oprah piggy bank.

May 19, 2011

sOuL tALk: Gary Zukav

Im here today to share food for your soul...Till now we´ve seen  a lot of variation on my blog. From Fashion to Celebrity gossip, my travel experiences. Now, I wanna show you the spiritual aspect...This really keeps me going. Oprah introduced me to Gary Zukav, during my college days and his book, 'Seat of Soul' changed my life...Here's an excerpt from that discussion...

May 18, 2011

Road Trippin Essentials

 Belinda's blog is here!  Happy reading..

Happy Friday, dear readers! 
As we begin to prepare for the weekend and start gearing up for our summer adventures ahead, I’d like to share with you our fifth and final installment of our Vacation Style Guide. Today, we dedicate our vay-cay slideshow to the free-spirited, cross-country, road-tripping warrior who, without a doubt, takes on the roads and highways in style…

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