August 19, 2011

Freddie Prinze Jr & Sarah M Gellar - Most Romantic Wedding & Baby!

So my lovelies I will be away travelling again for a while...over a month!! :( So I might not be around for a while, but please keep visiting. Once I'm back post October I should become active again :D Hugssss Have a great time people...Its always sad when I hear about breakups in Hollywood, the couple that you really like or thought would make it and then 'crash' it doesnt happen. Well, theres one couple that really stands out for me. We do have a lot of power couples today but Freddie Prinze Jr (who I had the longest crush on thanks to all his hit movies like 'I know what you did last summer', to 'Head over Heels' :) Sarah Michelle Gellar, who I always found such a pretty girl with a golden smile getting married to be such a dream...The wedding was beautiful and their lil baby..Here is to the most adorable couple.

August 16, 2011

Vogue Collection - Elegance factor

VOGUE always has such versatile and elegant styles that seem to always stand out. I think their designs just about pop out of a magazine and make you really get into it. The pattern and appeal of the fabric to the model and the way she carries it off all combine a splendid look and make you really want to get your hands on this collection.. I loved the 1st and 3rd gown, somehow to my taste. I dont get people who wear skin tight tacky shiny dresses to prove they are hot. I may be of saying this but girls can look amazing without the need to show off their skin or wear super tight clothes..

August 13, 2011

Oprah Winfrey : Dream Girls Project :)

It might take me a lifetime to praise someone as powerful and influential woman like Oprah. She has taken the television media to another level and empowered people around the world. Selfless acts of deed that shes done are one of the biggest reasons for her success. I have often times been floored by the kind of subjects she has covered on her show and felt educated to handle life lessons in a better way. Its a show that will teach your children to become stronger, better people and aspire them to achieve a lot more than they can imagine.

August 9, 2011

Megan Fox - Armani Campaign

Hey guys, okay I got to admit this Armani ad made me a fan of Megan! I know all the guys go GA-GA for her but her piercing features and lethal look gives Armani the edge in this photoshoot for sure. The texture and style of the photographs are really different too. It's like you feel shes from another era. The eyes and the camera angles are the highlights. The credit  really should be given to the photographer! Making this easily one of her best ad's ..!

August 5, 2011

How I LOVE the Coorg CoUntryside

The memories of Coorg are evergreen for me. The friends and family there have always made it so special. My first trip was really young in school days, and I had heard the experiences from my cousins of trekking, plucking chickens (yuck!) and literally going back to a farmland kinda feel...My suggestion to anyone who feels like disconnecting from their crazy life is to head out to your countryside and make the best of mother nature. Theres no peace like that you will find and feel... :D  On my arrival, I stayed at my grandma's place. Well...initially it was interesting! We had to get up at 5am and take a bath and make sure we were all ready for was supposed to be a vacation but that kinda freaked me out a lot...5am, i barely got up early for school! We had had like 2 weeks of my grandma discipline was pretty much about waking up at 5am and we had to be ready and done by 7am on a holiday time. 

August 3, 2011

Soul Talk: Define Happiness..

It struck me really hard, I've been doing my usual dose of 'Oprah' reading and why haven't I shared my experiences with you guys! So some of my favorite reads are gonna get featured on 'Soul Talk' section :) Here goes...

Self: I know who I am, and I like myself.
Happiness is your original nature—it is what you first experienced before you began to identify with a body, a family role, some school grades, your nationality, your business card, your Social Security number and any other labels you keep.True happiness is being faithful to your true nature. The better you know yourself—what it is you love, what inspires you, what you are made of—the happier you will be. When you forget who you are, something very strange happens—you begin to search for happiness! Happiness is your spiritual DNA. It is what you experience when you accept yourself, when you relax and when you stop neurosing about being a "size zero," about "why he hasn't called" and about "what I should be doing with my life."

August 2, 2011

Elie Saab 2011 Gown Collection

I recently had a look at the Elie Saab collection and was really impressed. I can imagine a bride trying to find her perfect dress and it could easily be any one of these. The detailing and change from each garment makes this collection so irresistible  Naturally, if you are looking for a designer with chic, that extra something that makes your heart sing a song of happiness this collection is one of the best! Such elegance, oh I was absolutely blown away with the looks of the gowns and they seem all so lovely!! The neckline is revealed through gemstone inlaying, as the essential jewel of every woman. This is first time I'm featuring an ENTIRE collection! I just loved each of them. It has the use of some of the most sumptuous fabrics. Silk taffeta, embroidered lace and silk organza mixed in passionate games of layers, overlays, and transparencies, giving rise to silhouettes of impeccable finishing, majestic skirts and magic volumes.

August 1, 2011

Packed my bags and off to SPAIN!

The moment I got to know I would be traveling to the beautiful country of Spain I got so very psyched! I already started my research on this beautiful city of Barcelona! The sad part was I had friends in Madrid and I guess my planning didnt so quiet work in my favour else I would have informed them about the same. Oh well, you have to work with what you got. So researched on the great spots I wanted to check out and the number one thing on my list was beachesss!!! Oh, I so quiet go insane with it and absolutely love it. Its been my favorite to stay there for hours so naturally once we head in our 3 and half hour flight, (Spanair - may I add, they didnt offer us water?!?!) lol...esp in that heat, we jetsetted for our hotel.

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