“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” -  Edith Lovejoy Pierce.

With this lovely quote, I proceed to wish each and all of you such a fantastic year ahead with a lotta merriment and great success stories in everything you do! From making your family to your hard work and every moment you spend be fabulous! Hence, my fabulous fashionista's, I want you to have a great time, go out, have fun! Be with family & friends, have a great time!! 

Winter reminds me of a great time to just enjoy the falling snow, snuggle up with a hot coffee and just spend time with my loved ones. Sitting around the room, loud noises, excitement. Talkin over eachother and yet making sense of it. Smiles, claps, hugs and just good memories. I think family really binds you and brings you close. They are the guiding force to make you what you are..Generally, its packed time with friends and family, but this year I have it a little different decorating my house and furnishing it myself with my hubby!! Phew! 

After all that hard work, well we decided to go Xmas shopping and pamper ourselves a little. I got myself this to-die-for jacket perfect for winter. I never thought coats can make you go stylish :) Europe fashion again I guess, yes yes, its a fetish and before you guys go, here she talks again about that style. I reallyyyyyyy am so involved in the shopping here. Every store is like an invite! However, I must admit, I have come to resist myself from actually going and shopping everytime. Its a great weakness I'm sure fashionista's know! :) anyways, I hope you enjoy this look of mine as much as I did...!! 

Hi everyone, my name is Hasthu and I'm very glad to guest blog on 'Fashionista Era'.An opportunity to share my thoughts is a privilege. I hope to inspire you with my views, doing so for first time on my daughters blog. There was these stories I had read somewhere that really inspired me to learn the power of love and how love teaches you to forgive. The Power of love, a true story about this convict who had murdered one of the boys from a small town. All the hate in the world could be imagined for the mother who lost her only son. Instead, she shocked the world adopting the criminal who had killed her only son. 

What power of forgiveness and love does to this mother to  be able to forgive? Is that humanly possible? We wonder..Well, next time you have a tough time forgiving someone remember this story and wonder, does it really make sense to hold on to that hurt and grudge. If this loving mother can forgive and adopt a criminal, I'm sure we can also forgive people who have bothered or hurt us in some way:-) You will live a more peaceful, happy life :) 

Everyone wants to be spiritual as it sounds very nice and is perhaps a good thing. To connect to god, unfortunately many have no idea who god is, it is known god is a someone who can take away all your greif and bestow you with good things. Gossiping or idle talking about one might happen but dont cheat anyone. The important thing here is to know that spirituality is first cleansing of one's system, it takes a lot of conscious dedication. God is someplace inside  oneself, and we spend a lifetime searching for him somewhere else. 

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