15 Harvey Prince Ageless Perfumes for total $825! Biggest giveaway till date!

4/05/2012 FashEra Vlogs 47 Comments

First of, I want to thank Elle from Harvey Prince perfum team. She's  easily one of the nicest sponsors I have come across and sent me such amazing goodies which I featured on my instagram recently. Thank you so much!!Here is the picture below of the goodies they sent me! So I've decided along with this giveaway it would great to share my review of this great collection of perfumes! Well, the AGELESS Perfume to start with has got this really soothing effect to its fragrance. It really feels like summer wrapped up in a bottle. Its for the ones who dont prefer strong scents and like something relaxing and light.  My other personal favorite is EAU FLING. The fragrance is a combination of Jasmine and Lavender what else more would you want? I loved this so much I had my earlier organized a giveaway around this fragrance and gave away four 50ML bottles of these away. 

With a combinatin of Sandalwood, jasmine, rose petals to name a few the 'YOGINI' fragrance really is for the ones that want to stand out and catch someone's attention. This perfume made me sit up and take notice and is really one of the most unique fragrances I've come across. The best part about Harvey Prince perfumes are they're no toxic chemicals and the natural scents make it a delight to have! I'm super excited to announce that the first giveaway with Harvey Prince perfumes did so well that they have offered another giveaway. A total of 15 Ageless 50 ML Perfume bottles which retail at $55 each. So 15 Lucky winners will get a chance to win! At a total cost of $825, this would easily be the BIGGEST giveaway I have hosted till now.  Are you ready?? 

 So my lovelies simply follow the instructions and enter all the mandatory requirements on Rafflecopter site click here and you could be the lucky winner :)  For your convenience the giveaway widget has been placed at top of my Fashionista Era page :)) 



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