Fashion Blogger : Tuula

4/15/2012 FashEra Vlogs 34 Comments

Fashion is really inspiring. I always look for that inspiration in day to day fashion. Bloggers are a great source to find original style. Lately, most of the outfits you see celebrities wear is either already designed by a famous designer, but I love street style and seeing how girls inspire themselves. 'Tuula' is one of the most popular blogs at present and apart from which was nominated this year at Bloglovin awards and rightly so. So I decided to feature some of my favorite looks.

Oh loving the new Micheal Kors watch the pic for you guys to see below. How cute is it? I had gifted a gold watch to my mum and then I felt maybe I too wanted one.. for some reason, there was Marc Jacobs as well that I really liked but somehow MK really was a fab pick for me and I love it!! Isn't it gorgeous! Got this on our travel to the US recently. Btw, I had my travel to Jeju Islands, (will share those pics soon) and then Europe and then US for holidays - never did that in my life so actually in 1 week time we travelled 3 continents! Im was so zonked out too. Its crazy! Heh.

Took this pic on instagram here is the link We can follow eachother on instagram too @fashionistaera. 


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