Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I know its been a while before a new post of mine has arrived on the blog! But summer has made us go out a lot during the whole last week and exploring the city , eating, shopping what not. The most fun seems to be that my son has had so I disappeared but I was still busy vlogging and making videos! I might not be regular with my youtube videos but Ill try :D The one thing that I have enjoyed is my soul topics and sharing my thoughts on topics. Just from my point of view doesnt mean I am right or have any expertise. Just about my journey and lessons and what are the things that most shape my life. Hope you like it.  Feel free to check it out..This week I have also uploaded another video featuring my perfume collection that I had mentioned on my blog a while back but decided to also share the video! 


Thanks for leaving your lovely comments and taking time I love to read your comments and come back to your blog:) I can be reached on email addy - fashionistaera@gmail.com

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