Friday, May 15, 2015


Often times, I always shy away from experimental looks. I dont have the guts to color block and I ve seen people do it beautifully...Maybe someday I will take different prints and merge them but for  now the inspirational look I found Reflections FOR eKSmAGAZYN is perfect. Sorry I have been MIA. its been holidays for my son and thats meant more time for him to play go out and keep us on our toes! The other day I went shoe shopping and ended up gong through most of the stores and realising I walked atleast 3 hours! With age comes the realization that shopping isnt as fun as it used to be! Haha... :D But then again a girl cant get enough shoes right! This collection is definitely out of my comfort zone, I doubt I can pull off such bright colors and stripes it would be impossible but absolutely enjoy it a lot. I have always been able to look for good times and have fun with my friends and try out different looks and colors but after sometime I have become more conservative with time. 


  1. Shopping is a tiring experience indeed:)

  2. Wow i agree the colour blocking is amazingggggg


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