Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I know the title sounds weird. Why do women need ONE day dedicated to them. Well, I feel theres nothing wrong with it. Its probably more for appreciating women and jut celebrate it. So as a special occasion it very important to feel pride and love yourself and take this opportunity to look around and appreciate what you have. With the mundane life that we live, we tend to forget about that very easily.  For us being there, the world exists! Humour aside, its nice to have a day to pamper or make a woman feel special. So here are my compilation of favorite wish list items with my fav store SHEIN and I plan to acquire soon! Some colour and neutrals are my choice with accessories.

Here are the links to all the items featured here! Hope you like some of them and Happys Womans Day! What better way to celebrate it than shopping, so here are some of my suggestions and what i absolutely love about SHEIN, its one of my go to online stores for sure. Most popular fashion bloggers as well have recommended it and  I love their style and so many great ways to wear the looks. Here you go! Some of these I have bought too!

Blue Long Sleeve Casual Dress - Link here
Black Rivet PU Shoulder Bag -  Link Here
Black Short Sleeve Hollow Flare Dress - Link Here
Green Long Sleeve Lapel Coat - Link Here
Black Long Sleeve Color Block Coat - Link Here
Women Red Lapel Reefer Coat - Link here

This is a sponsored post by SHEIN.


  1. love the black dress.


  2. Stunning post! The photos are amazing.


  3. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  4. Awesome fashion round-up, babe! xoxo

  5. Such a beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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  6. Beautiful!


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