Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The extreme climate change has got me making this post to share some thoughts and discussions I had with my friends recently. We all need to try and start doing our bit to contribute to this problem. This isn’t for just some punchlines or forwards that we keep sending to our friends about save water or plant a tree. Its time we look at some actions and make a fun way to make these initiatives actually matter! An idea my friend started has prompted me to share a post about how we can do our bit. Floods, famine, earthquakes, tornadoes seem to have become just has become so common that it’s scary. 

1) Plant a tree campaign 

 Sure we see these updates everywhere but how are you contributing to this. Try to take af ew friends and on the weekends get invovled in organisations who are enrivonmental friendly or need volunteers. You can actually try to plant trees taking the needed approvals and find out fun ways to host a get together and meet up with your friends and do this. Its a great way to do your bit and you feel really better trust me! Ive tried this!

2) Conserve water 

This isnt about just your daily routine of switching off the taps. Cut your showers short, or just avoid using water too much for any and every activity. While brushing your teeth I always switch off the tap and at the end only switch it on. Another easy technique is just wash all your dishes with dishwashing liquid and at the end wash them, you tend to not leave the tap runing continusouly...while washing your car dont use the hose, most of the time we cant track how much water we are using and it doesnt need to be swtiched on nonstop! Just use it with buckets and it makes a difference.

3) Electricity 

This is probably a good technique even to get lesser bills! So if you use central air conditioning or heater make sure to either keep it on auto mode or switch it off for durations when you know you are not at home. This has been one of the most effective ways to save your planet and energy and money! The house is pleasant enough and i sometimes just wear a light sweater! When you are holidaying its better to switch off your electricity completely, unless you have extreme cold temperatures then just keep heat on low so that the pipes dont freeze!

4) Recycle 

Currently I am obsessed with this! Try and get your trash into dry and wet segments. So I just divide them into plastic, paper and wet items. That way you are making sure what you have is being reused in the best possible way!

5) Donate!

I think children learn a lot when they give back. That should be part of their routine and lifestyle as well. We make it point to keep donating every few months. It is essential i have always felt for kids to be able to interact and work with eachother and appreciate what they have. I feel kids already live in a bubble and it would keep them grounded and focused on helping people and giving time to do something to show kindness and learn compassion.

 6) Walk often or bike! 

In Sweden, the wonderful habit I got into was walking! It felt to be able to do most of my daily activites by just walking...and I must admit I was so used to driving around most of my life, Europe gave me the chance to walk and even now I make sure we go for our daily fun events walking a lot! Esp for nearby places instead of driving, its a great way to get energy and be fit and feel totally energized! Get into a sport too! It keeps you active and dont have to get into any major health issues or body pains! Instead of using your car and wasting the gas and not to mention the emissions! Its also a very healthy alternative! Im currently enjoying tennis a lot theres a plus!


  1. Try composting... we don't throw any greens out of the house... every vegetable scrap is composted..

  2. Try composting... we don't throw any greens out of the house... every vegetable scrap is composted..

  3. Absolutely wonderful!

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