Sunday, February 18, 2018


Sunday, February 18, 2018


Drama is something that will follow you no matter what you do. Growing up I always liked to keep myself busy, if it was work or school or just even being a housewife. I have seen the statements and the remarks that just being a housewife is nothing more than taking care of the house and sitting around. I chose to never bother, I enjoyed travelling the world with my family and spending time with my kid and taking in the many gorgeous moments of motherhood. It gave me immense happiness and I think its one of the best decisions to take a break to enjoy the moments of life. These are the moments that will never come back no matter how much money you make, some joys cant be measured. 

1) Ignore the noise

There will always be people who have a lot of opinions. Its normal and accepted. I would be surprised if we didn't do anything that is better than you. Dont let it overpower you, that is what those noises want. They are just that noises, not real words or meaning. Be very selective whos words you want to listen to. They should be people you trust and who are there for you always. They need to be in your confidence and their opinions should matter. Dont let anything else take over. Always believe in what you are doing and dont get derailed by the gossip or bad talk. The more I have ignored that drama and noise the more focus and time you have for your purpose in life. We end up spending so much time worrying what people have to say. If we just redirected all that energy for our betterment we would be able to achieve so much more. 

2) Ground rules 

If the person continues to try to annoy you, set clear ground rules that gives the msg the person wont repeat it with you. Discontinue talking, or attending events with them and essentially avoiding them. Make sure that you are setting boundaries around who you want to trust and listen to as well. Respect yourself enough to make sure that if someone breaks your trust or decides to gossip about you and insult you then you step away from that person and put them in their place. There is nothing worse than the putting up with someone who will sabotage your peace of mind. 

                                                                          3) Distract yourself 

Put on some music, read your fav book, laugh with friends, see your favorite shows..anything that gets you away from the drama. Keeping yourself busy with work, routine and getting a hobby is a fun way to drive the drama away. I always try to keep a routine during the week so that I am doing busy things.  Try to read positive books or listen to motivation speakers to better myself. The more time I see people spending on drama and gossip I just dont understand why would they want to drain their energy.

                                                                                       4) Be Polite 
You dont need to cause a scene to get away from person. The classier approach always works best for your peace of mind. Just be courteous if you find yourself in a situation again with the drama situation and politely move away. There is always a choice in how we deal with situations. When there are tough spots you feel stuck in, then there's confrontation for you, just being polite and respectful is most important. Otherwise if you react and fight, you are affecting your own peace of mind. 

           5) Evaluate yourself

At the end of the day, it will always seem that we have the right to express and respond on people views but the more we spend time worrying about it and wasting our time it will result in more drama. The most important thing in life has been to be able to appreciate people views who you really think can help you improve. So sometimes things happen and you might face negative situations to feel better about yourself but then at the end of the day it still has to  make you happy. Look at helping people and do it with dignity for yourself too! 

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