Friday, July 13, 2018


Friday, July 13, 2018


Paris has always been one of my dream destinations because of the Eiffel Tower. I always wanted to go there ever since my dad told me stories of his travels there and how beautiful it is. One of the most romantic cities after all. So finally arriving here was just a dream come true and I enjoyed my time with my family as well :) Its always good to get away sometimes and get your energy in place. I have seen how much time it takes for everyone to take time off and just get exhausted it really isnt worth the headache. Make sure you take time for yourself and are enjoying small joys in life. Another aspect I wanted to discuss about is how we tend to look at our lives and some things I have learnt about energies. It is so important how we spend our energies and how we use it. 

a) Like attracts like 

The law of physics really. If you guys haven't read the Secret book by Rhonda Byres you are really missing out. I agree at first its a bit deep and might not be your regular go to book but atleast this way you have an opportunity to explore the options.
 Like attracts like. Meaning, what you think about constantly or believe a lot, you will attract that. I have been trying hard to practice this when it gets me into a habit to keep critizing or just looking at the negative of a situation. Mainly because its comfortable to speak negative, talk bad, blame others. These are wrong we know it, but at the sametime it makes us feel good about ourselves. So its more effort to say good, do good and restrain from judging or forming opinions. We are also taught that having an opinion is good thing. Well not always. I prefer to give opinion if someone asks me. Otherwise trying to not have an opinion is a struggle I am sure most people have the way I do.

b) If you focus your energy on something you will attract that 

Energy isnt someting you can see, but feel. One of my biggest believes in my life is that we are surrounded by energy. We generate energy as well, so be careful when you choose your thoughts and energy. People who tend to be more negative you will see their health gets affected and they will tend to talk negative and always be criticizing. I have seen that most people have the attitude of thinking of themselves. The positive energy doesnt get created that way. The more you wish well for others and try to help others, the more positive energy you generate and improve the situation for yourself. The more you decide to not help or be to yourself, you are not building the framework of improving and having good energy. You are attracting more negative energy as well. I have seen the situation change and become more positive for me when I have reached out to people. Even when I have donated in the past, i have seen money come back to me. The energy just works like that and I love it that way.

c) Tides do change 

There have been moments I have felt stuck. In my personal life and professional. Its very normal. You might be doing what you love and yet sometimes feel that you are not getting to a higher place or doing better. So keeping yourself motivated is key. I have personally had to work on this because I want to try to keep achieving a lot of things. Taking a decision to take break from my work career was the biggest, but it has also resulted in me being really found that change a huge problem. I always was on the go but after a certain point, I would try my best to be able to work and get things done. So I shifted my mindset. Always try and remember things dont always remain the same. It is moving and changing. That boss who annoys you, your friend who just doesnt listen to you or care. Most of the people either move on to another role place, your boss might disappear or your friend might change too. So dont let that bring you down. The more you let the external affect it will...and the tide will change. So in the meanwhile, my motto has been 'Suck it up' lol...not the best quote but just remember that those moments when y ou feel the lowest, there will be a better day soon and be hopeful and focus for it. In the meanwhile, keep doing what you need to do to make things happen for you.

d) Thankful

 - I know this is something I have done. When I have had moments of gratitude and for things that I have in my life. That is a good way to be thankful. I have also looked at getting like a bulletin board (you get it dirt cheap on any online websites) and put pictures up things you are thankful for and also things that you want to achieve.

e) You are only as good as your words

I have always believed what my dad taught me, which was its important to be able to express your self and how you do that is very imp. The words we use is probably most critical. I remember having an issue when people had an opinion about me. It was about me or my weight or my personal they had an opinion about all of that and I felt that was just ridiculous. However, I never responded or tell what I felt. Looking back I feel I wish I could have spoken. That I had said that they dont have a right to share their view or I had not asked their opinion. Politely of course. Sometimes silence is taken as weakness and other times its the best. I have always regretted if I did react. So if I did, I tried my best to correct it. That is very essential, and not repeat it. Actions speak louder than words, but I feel words are probably more harmful than actions.

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