Saturday, August 4, 2018


Saturday, August 4, 2018


I think if there is one thing that I have learned about life is that we need to be able to look at the bigger picture. Most of the time I feel that things work better with the people who surround you. These are just my humble view points and doesnt in any account mean that it will work for everyone. We are constantly generating energies and its your choice what you want to do with these energies in your life. You have the choice to generate the right kind of energies and it isn't always easy. One of the most important things with time I have learnt is Loyalty. Making sure that there is loyalty between people that matter. You can look at how they have been in your life and if they have the right energies. I offlate have seen cutting off from negative people which has made it easier to manage my life. So what are the things to keep in mind to avoid being unloyal and here are some of my thoughts.


I cant stress on this enough. I know it sounds cliche but the most important thing is even if its work or even family and friends but there is always going to be the an essential part of any relationship. Being in touch, saying positive things and a relationship that is easy and works well. The biggest problem I have seen people have is there is either too much communication or too less. Not responding to calls or conversations or not keeping commitments to meet up or help your friend and not maintain those relationships. I have personally experienced friends come and go, mainly because I traveled so much from a very young age and its been those constant moves that has taught me to adjust to changes. In 8th grade I finally felt that I moved and settled down that I actually started to make great friends. I feel lucky that even now they are some of my best friends. Make it a habit to talk often and stay in touch, show that you care and ask your loved ones how they are doing from time to time. This doesnt mean you need to talk to every single person, just those few close people who matter the world to you and make you feel special. Dont lose out on those friendships they are some of the best and rarest and you should enjoy them. 


Being flexible in relations is very important but there also needs to be boundaries that are set. I have tried to maintain is to respect the privacy and secrets of what has been shared with you. If you tend to share stories about your friends or family to others, thinking that it wouldn't go back to the person who shared it with you. However, it happened to me a couple of times where I have been guilty of sharing some stuff which I should have. And the one thing I did that when one of the situations got so out of hand that a silly joke I made went completely out of control and it did end up hurting some people. It did teach me a lesson though and I never decided to comment or joke about anyone after that. It took me a serious situation like that to make me realize how much I can affect relationships. I am grateful that I was able to learn it. 


One of the biggest problems in breaking loyalty is definitely gossip. In the last few years, the amount of drama that gossip generates has made me realize to completely get away from discussing people. The people who I know tend to gossip I literally have kept a rule now that I will not respond or comment on anything to do with other people's lives because that can happen to me. Would we be okay if people were talking bad about us behind our backs? Would it be okay to know how negative the comments were? Not just strangers but people we care about. I have really learnt to reduce this and have seen a huge difference in my life. The ability to prioritize what matters is the most important.  


Most common issue when relationships today is the lack of respect and leads to causing huge fights and breaks in relations. Constant arguments create not only negative energy and changes the atmosphere. It also spoils the relation and can break trust that you have build with the people you care about as well in your life. Disconnect from the situation or not respond to the negativity as you might regret whatever you might end up saying in the heat of the moment.Take a breath.
Disconnect and when things cool down talk about it. 
Most often it helps resolve the situation and we feel in a better state of mind.  


Owning up to a mistake goes a long way in building a bond and finding loyalty in any relationship. I often times try my best to ensure that I avoid the blame game. Its an easy trap to just hold someone else responsible for actions that cause problems. If you were involved in the issue, chances are you have a part to play so blaming the other person would just not be right. The more you own up and take account of the situation the more mature you come across. Always good to have the right attitude because most of the times that is whats missing in any relationship. 

The pictures are taken when I attended the Great Place to Work Conference in Chicago. It was amazing! Sorry for the clarity not being the best as I had my cell phone for the events a lot of the times. 
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