Friday, June 17, 2011

Funniest Bestie

You know everyone in their lifetime has their angels. Someone special who has changed the way they look at life and how they appreciate what they have in real time and make the best of what they have. Such inspiration I get from my real life angel, Christina Raj. Tina, as shes better known is one of the most caring people I've ever seen. She has this unique ability to cheer me up whenever Im low and make me laff nonstop with our silliest conversations. I remember we were sitting at work and then there was a very serious meeting going on and we were sitting across eachother but I was getting bored out of my mind coz it was really long meeting. And suddenly we looked acorss eachother chatting on the laptop and I almost wanted to burst out laughing and I kept pulling her leg in the chat and she was literally turning red becoz I wouldnt stop.  It still remains one of the most hilarious composed laughing and losing it sessions we have ever had!

She has a smile that radiates and a laff that makes you want to spend hours with her. We know eachother for over 5 years now and inspite of us living on different continents its made me very happy to say that shes by far the sweetest most kind person. Im dedicating this blog post to the fantastic person Tina! I want you to know that you mean the world to me and thanks for being such a sweet and loving person. You are a prized possession for me and Im soooooooooooo glad that we are such great friends!!! Anytime I talk to her I feel so light and easy and its like speaking to my own self in many ways. We are so similar and shes such a gentle soul that it makes you feel really nice about yourself. Very few people can be as loyal as wonderful as her! Shes just super special and I wanna always feel that shes super special! 


  1. what a sweet gesture! nice one. sounds like a very strong friendship.

  2. Friends are really god sent. Really nice msg Hanz, lovely. Xoxox

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