Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've worked really hard, with tough people and it taught me that even at times when I wanted to give up I had to learn to be grateful to god. Everything changed at age of 16 for me, when watched an African child, having nothing to eat was dying and nearby a vulture was waiting for it to die... It tore me apart that their are parts of the world today where people don't have food to eat and not even a place to sleep. It changed my life. This one photo did that to me. Next time you feel life is unfair remember this photo. They are kids who are dying and have no food. We should be lucky for whatever we have :) 

That's Gratitude. 

Once you are grateful you will make way for bigger things.

I have always seen that the more we complain and focus on the negative, the more you will attract that. Now you can see how do i look at the positive. Trust me we all have those tough moments and it can last for moments, few months or even years. I have gone through those phases too. People often times think I am that happy go lucky. Not always. You need to focus on the things that are calling your most attention. Build your energy and channelize it. Which means, stop wasting time focusing on the things that are not working. Keep your mind busy. It can be a hobby, a job, your family. Whatever you choose make sure its creating the positive source that you need. The more you cultivate this habit you will see my mind shift and the habit to complain, worry or whatever type of reaction that you were used to doing will just shift. 

People who have the ability to be calm fascinate me. Irrespective of what the situation. I know some people in my lfie who can handle anything and not react. Reacting was my middle name. I mean if I didnt get the last word it would mean that I am the problem. It will lead to me being the person who needs to be focused on. if i had all the answers then i would look smarter. WRONG. You actually look obnoxious who isnt mature and cant handle the ability to listen to someone else's view. All issues really. So i started to listen. To the calm people. Buddha, Dalai Lama, Oprah, all positive figures to people in my life as well. It started shifting my paradigm and i realised if they can achieve this why cant I. Got more spiritual, reading more books. Got more interest and more focused. 

This image really broke my heart. We live in our own bubble of a life and wonder if we need more, want more and then this image brings it all back to me. A dying child and a vulture waiting for the child to die. The anguish and pain that the mother would feel to be so helpless to see their child die, or the state of affairs that war and famine bring. The day mankind starts spending time helping other people is when we will learn to make this world a better place. Spending time doing the right things is probably the most important thing. I feel that is what we miss out on the most. As i leave this post, when things get hard for you remember this image of this child and be grateful for what you have, its the most important thing and yet we forget about it all the time. Praying for all children and helpless lives that have nothing or struggle to make ends meet. Pray for them and send them some love.


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