Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fav Movie! Twilight Saga

What would it be have love like this? I know, such a romantic. But this love story really pulls the strings of my heart! I remember watching the Twilight when i heard about all its hype on the MTV Movie Awards. I just wondered, how can a Vampire movie have such a romantic take? It was inconceivable to me. Until I watched it myself with some friends and there entered Edward Cullen, who just blew my mind away with his charm and calmness. New moon was another one I saw on my holiday to LA-Chicago-NYC with my cousins. OH MAN, I think the pain that you go through while you lose something that has become so part of you is what this movie was about. And did this movie make it a heart renching movie this was. You can feel the pain for Bella..Its so touching and you almost feel like you might just drown. The power of feeling true love.I almost was in tears when I saw her curled up in the forest not willing to accept the fact that Edward was gone...Tissue please!! It felt like a rush for me to watch it, and wonder what would happen..waiting to see the twists and turns. Tho Edward seemed to be missing in the movie a lot than I wanted :p I still feel it was needed to show us the real emotion of Bella.Here is how it goes..a little about the movie without trying to give away (hopefully not a lot and you guys have watched it. If not, please do and dont kill me for sharing this hee....) So Bella is now 18, she gets a dream and sees herself as an  old woman.It bothers her, naturally coz Edward is gonna be forever young (I think I would probably freak out as well). And till now I found the quirky one liners cheesy yet cute. Bella being herself wasnt excited about a party that Alice throws, but this really was turning point in the movie.

Bella cuts her finger, and all hell breaks loose. Poor Edward, well beyond this you gotta see the flick to figure the twists. But the highlights for me definitely is how deep the love goes when Edward says hes gonna leave her. That scene by far breaks my heart into pieces. Poor bella. Its a shocker.  Bella crazily tries all the weird things, learning to drive bikes and get into trouble with some dangerous bikers just to see a glimpse of Edward. I guess its the feeling of helplessness, her life seems empty without him so badly, she goes beyond measure or reasoning. I guess we all go through those phases in our lifes. Jacob's character has gained ground and he looks really well toned and you would not take your eyes off him for sure. But for me, Edward undying love and calmness matched with his lethal smile and charm takes my attention to him all the way. However, strangely Bella doesnt give up. She finally decides to jump off the cliff, another powerful sequence to which your compelled to wonder is this the real end of her?? The movie? The character? Does this really happen?? Relax guys!! Nothing like that hehe. Shes rescued by our NOW hero Jacob (temporarily, I might add) and Alice assumes with her visions Bella is harmed. Edward misunderstands and this twisted tale has a lovely ending...

Oh gosh, I watched this movie recently called THE VOW starring the gorgeous Rachel Mcadams & hunky Channing Tatum. It is one of the most romantic movies I've seen offlate and probably similar to the Notebook and Dear John. You know there will always be those movies that after you watch them, you feel like your floating. Somehow you are lighter, you want to keep smiling for a long while. It makes you believe in dreams, good things and pleasant loving feelings. This movie did just that to me. Next time you feel you need to take a break from your crazy schedule and feel like watching a movie that brings you back to what life is really about - love for the people closest to you. Not how much money you make, or how much you achieved. It really is about how much contentment is in your heart. This movie will bring you back to realizing that. :) 



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