Friday, July 8, 2011

Lessons Learnt

I've become very aware of how the forces of the world work most of the time. It doesn't make me a expert but definitely gives me a take on how I've looked at life.There will always be people trying to pull you down. I've learnt this concept called energies from this NY Times Bestselling book called Secret . People who are rude or being very disrespectful to you generally have a hidden agenda. They are looking to steal your energies. The secret is that we all have limited energies in our system. It's important not to deplete your energy. Notice when you fight, don't you feel drained out? That's not just physically, it's about your body and soul feeling this way.  When you realize this and rather choose to be silent or let go, its the best option. You have chosen not waste your time with it then your definitely gonna lead a more peaceful life."  I've come across Cynthia Lee Shelton,  who is a psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience. She has sought out knowledge and educated herself about various subjects involving the body-mind-spirit connection. I've loved her insights!

Tip 1 - If You Can't Forgive Someone, Forgive Your Self
When we are in a traumatic situation, it is important to forgive ourselves for being in the situation in the first place. Look at the situation and see what you can learn from it. By doing this, you have now switched it from a negative to a positive. It is now a tool to keep the same thing from happening again, because of the understanding that you have obtained.

Tip 2 - Imagine the Person You are Trying to Forgive as a Newborn Baby
Sometimes it is difficult to forgive someone, because you see "all his or her negative traits". A way to get past that is to see them as a newborn baby when they are free of those traits, and still have an innocence about them. This makes forgiving them easier.

Tip 3 - Write "I Forgive (Person, or Situation)" and then Write Your Automatic Negative Thought. An unconscious thought that is getting in the way of your ideal weight. Write it as many times as you need. You might write it 20 times and that is enough. You might have to write a little each day, as you keep getting closer to the unconscious thought.

Tip 4 - Imagine Yourself and the Person You Want to Forgive Surrounded in Golden Light.
Your imagination is a free tool that is unlimited in its scope. So let's use it. When you have trouble forgiving someone, see him or her surrounded in the most beautiful loving light. Then do this for your self. When you do this, it helps you to not be "sending" negative thoughts their way. It is amazing how often this can turn negative situations around. The other person starts reacting differently due to the new energy coming their way. It also helps you to view the situation from a higher perspective.

Tip 5 - If forgiveness is difficult for you, start with forgiving the person and not the deed.
We are often angry at what someone did, how they acted in a situation. We want to be right, and make them wrong. So we don't let go. For that reason, let us start with forgiving the person and not the deed. Remember the times they did something nice to you or for you. This will assist you in forgiving them.

Tip 6 - Always Remember to Forgive Yourself First
When you forgive your self first, it frees you up to look at any situation more objectively. When you don't forgive your self, you beat your self up, and then you just continue a negative downward spiral. People who have mastered this art are really the happy ones! I'm still discovering my route there...:) here's wishing the same for you...

Tip 6 - Be the bigger person, and classy one

When we think about legends like Audrey Hepburn, we associate grace and class from her. When you forgive u come across as the mature person. Be gracious.

Article Source: Ezine Articles 


  1. This happened to me with my bestfriend. I felt betrayed from her, but only when I decided to forgive her I realised her perspective. Nice article sweets.

  2. Im glad to hear that you sorted stuff out with your friend girl. Its lovely if you can do that :) Cheerss


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