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The memories of Coorg are evergreen for me. The friends and family there have always made i...

The memories of Coorg are evergreen for me. The friends and family there have always made it so special. My first trip was really young in school days, and I had heard the experiences from my cousins of trekking, plucking chickens (yuck!) and literally going back to a farmland kinda feel...My suggestion to anyone who feels like disconnecting from their crazy life is to head out to your countryside and make the best of mother nature. Theres no peace like that you will find and feel... :D  

On my arrival, I stayed at my grandma's place. Well...initially it was interesting! We had to get up at 5am and take a bath and make sure we were all ready for was supposed to be a vacation but that kinda freaked me out a lot...5am, i barely got up early for school! We had had like 2 weeks of my grandma discipline was pretty much about waking up at 5am and we had to be ready and done by 7am on a holiday time. 

Gosh, Im just not an early bird! So I was really looking forward to head to my uncles place to chill out too haha.. ...which of course our grandma was not happy about. I met 3 of my uncles and had a huge eventful time planned for all of us. That was when the fun actually started!! We headed off to their place in a Jeep open top and feel the cool breeze and greenery really takes you to another place. We had a great traditional 'Coorgi' meal, its called 'Ooti and with mutton curry' (yum!) and spent time with my lil cuzins. We spoke about our childhood and this was my first visit to my second cousins so I was pretty happy to meet them and hang out which pretty much never happened.I always enjoy spending time with my lil cousins their innocence and love for me is overwhelming.

We had a blast walking around having a look at the Monastry in Coorg its huge one where all the buddhist monks pray. I got such peace to sit there and relax. On the other hand my uncles have huge houses like mansions with greenery all around...its so peaceful and quiet, you feel like your disconnected from the world. Its an experience I wont forget. I remember having hot coffee and sitting outside in the garden with slight drizzle and two of family dogs 'casper' and another one, (cant recall the name) came running and surround us...Such fun!! My perfect getaway..They also had their own lakes! Private ones, they all go swimming and I would just watch as wild children would jump into the lake and splash water on eachtoher and I had a huge laugh...

Trekking wasnt my favorite part, it was so strenuous but @ sametime I loved it..Theweather was perfect and surrounded by our uncle's coffee estates we reached top of mountains and WOW the view was really outta this world...The family get-togethers, laughs, spending time with the kids and relatives :) Catching up on eachothers lives I guess makes it that homely feel that I guess completes the trip... :D 

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  1. Family is the most important and the best feeling always. they are my strength and pillars. thanks for sharing this really nice blog you have here.

  2. aww how sweet thiese family memories are.

  3. How i love that old town feel...Coorg is really heavenly I must go there sometime!

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