Hairstyles over the years

3/17/2014 FashEra Vlogs 20 Comments

So today I felt like sharing my favorite hairstyles that I tend to wear on a regular basis and share it with you guys. Hairstyles have become a rage of sorts. Celebrities have a great way to keep changing their looks and I have been inspired too. Here are some of my looks.


I went through my phase of coloring my hair. I totally love it. The hair looks unique and I totally enjoyed the experience of styling it with different colour. It gave my hair the look I wanted and especially for partying and coming on papers for it, I felt quiet stylish.

I have straight hair so changing it up always is a welcoming feel. This wavy Hair is perfect style when I have busy day and just can't style it, I blow dry my hair and use my wavy hair styler and it gives it classy look and allows me to save some time too.

This is by far one of my favorite hairstyles. I've decided to have my hair long and if the hair is straight and silky makes it very easy to manage. I went for hair straightening at the salon and I have a few tips. If your looking for straightening your hair be careful, if you have hair that falls easy or is very thin they use a lot of harmful chemicals which will further harm your hair as it's procedure. So check with your salon as per your hair type.

 I had a fringe look a while back and absolutely found it so refreshing from my other styles. Everyone said I looked amazing and it suited me well. I was traveling and decided to have complete change in my look. I already had my hair straightened so a good conditioner and shampoo which I find essential to use.
The most practical and my go to look is a ponytail. With the baby going around the house and constantly busy doing work for him. It has become the easy and fun look. The high pony is one of my favorites looks at home to relax or going for grocery shopping and doing some chores.


We all have those days when we just dont want our hair to be our priority and we just want to tie it up quickly and finish all the work that is pending right. The hair bun is surely that kind of look. I have used it so many occasions when Im in a rush or very busy. The best solution to a hair problem situation.
There are such great websites which give great suggestions for your hair and clip in hair extensions, if you are looking for them. I came across TedHair lovely website. 

What are your favorite hairstyles?


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