Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Every year I try to start with a new resolution. Now I know this sounds pretty lame and redundant but still new goals mean new motivation. If you don’t take the time to work on your issues and what you want to achieve in your life you will find yourself looking through your albums or your years going by without much difference. Does it help to get focus? Yes. Do new goals help you get some direction. Yes. Okay, now I feel its getting a little annoying so lets just jump right to some of the things I have added to plans for the upcoming new year.


I know this sounds like a very strange headline right. What is restart the mind mean? Well my definition was the ability to get my thoughts and refocus them. I attended a Franklin Covey conference and it really got me back to my training days. Some of the best things about training I feel is that it reconnects you and makes you focus on what matters rather than anything else. I would say that the most important things that we look at is the ability to work with the people and learn from them. So it has got me thinking to reprioritize some of my focus points and make sure that I have got what I need to achieve rather than worry about things that I have focused on for too long.


This is one of the best things I have actually had in my life. Meditation especially was amazing and in Sweden it was one of my favorite things. It has gotten busy but there are no excuses. Atleast take out 20 mins in a day to do a routine and I will keep a tracker and reminder daily to ensure that I do my Yoga until it becomes a habit like it used to be. The most important thing I feel with yoga is a sense of purpose and relaxation. That is something I definitely miss a lot of now. I am very hyperactive person. People see my calm exterior and think I dont get frazzled. Its actually yoga and my soul books that have given me the center and focus in life. 


This upcoming year will have a lot more fruits and veggies in my diet. I am a totally big eater, which most people don’t believe. (Unless you have seen me binge on my favorite food and you probably will have your mouth drop in shock) So anyways, back to this. I have started green juices. Something of a habit from Sweden but besides that I have added carrot juice and salad everyday. Indians don’t really believe in salad, it looks like grass or something that we shouldn’t be eating. So basically I went ahead and started this. But i need to be more consistent. The key to good health and looking and feeling good is definitely the diet and I want to ensure I am getting enough nutrients in my system to be able to make it look good as well. I don’t want too much of stuff which is what I have been eating very unhealthy. Esp with my travel I tend to eat a lot outside and not necessary have like a balance diet which isn’t good. So a routine is a must.


It is so important to get away. Going on a vacation—or more specifically, a retreat—can help you to leave the mayhem of the day-to-day behind so that you can reconnect with yourself and what really matters to you. As much as I can, I try to make sure to take a break every few months. A few days at a retreat can help you to clear your mind and gain new perspective. With my crazy lifestyle and work and managing all that we do, I make it a point that as a family we get away. It could be a short holiday, or just the weekend in a nearby place or catch up with people and get on the road. Whatever that might be, just disconnect. If you prefer camping then go ahead, fishing...whatever calms you. A holiday might literally also just be taking a day off and going to the SPA! Whatever your definition of a holiday might be make sure that you take time to do that!

Recently, I did a lot of shopping in Europe and I came back t a chaos filled closet. Totally madness. No space because there is no organization in my closet. There is just too much stuff. So though I have donated stuff but I wanna make sure that I prioritize my wardrobe. Something that I haven’t worn beyond 2 years at least is out or  re-evaluate. Shopping is the fun part, then trying to make sure your closet is in order is the other fun part! Lol. So I try to keep one day on my weekend just to make sure all is in order. Else on a monday morning we all are frantically looking for stuff around our house and going insane finding things and trying to figure where it all is. So a organized closet also makes you feel clear in your head. That is what I have always seen classically work for me. When my closet is organized it relaxes me so much and I find myself so peaceful and rested. 


  1. Great resolutions babe, good luck!
    Kisses, Paola.


    1. tks girl..catching u on my comments!

  2. You have such a lovely blog and I followed right back :)

  3. I love your new year's resolution especially the Holiday Retreat. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo Cris


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