Sunday, September 9, 2018


Its been a while I did a luxury fashion post and decided to share one of my latest purchases. I will share a YouTube video post as well soon on my channel #fashionistaera and share some of my tips of how I select them. I must admit I did a lot of research and went through tons of videos on YouTube to really have the best experience of shopping online. One of the biggest problems today is there is so much information out there. People have so many weird experiences while they shop online and reading them it got me thinking on how to try to be cautious as well. It always helps to learn how to spot fakes, or which are the most reliable websites. I always love to read peoples reviews overall. Its good to get a sense of what experiences are being had online and then determine which websites to trust. 


I dont always follow what  bloggers and youtubers who are really popular share or suggest always. Some of them are sponsored and it can be just getting free items for them to highlight a website so its my preferred to read the reviews of customers and people who have bought products. Also try to review the products on your own and spot the issues.  I remember watching this youtuber who had a lot of followers and she was promoting one of the luxury sites. Somehow, I had a lot of issues with the site. Firstly, it was a international site so I would get custom and additional taxes for the products so I ruled this site out. The priority are luxury store in US, so I can save on those additional charges.  

Always try to prioritize the sites which provide you the maximum benefits. As I already mentioned, I make sure to review what have the customer experiences been. If the forums see  a lot of responses from the luxury site that would be really one of the things that I would like to review. They have genuine issues and if I see the sites that make the effort to actually respond to their customer issues like Yoogi's Closet I was really impressed. I think after really going through various gorgeous designer styles and products I finally decided to select my personal fave at the moment and its the gorgeous Gucci watch. I was looking for a nice gold and silver tone watch and in a small dial because my collection mostly has big dials and haven't otherwise tried anything else. 

The one thing I learnt in my experience is avoid rushing into picking up something. You might just find an item you are obsessed with and then feel its perfect but without checking its  details and verifying all the things you want.. Would always recommend to just about take your time. Once you are totally happy and satisfied then you will be happy with your purchase. I have regretted anytime I have rushed into things. I just about have returned anytime I have just did some random purchases that at the time looked so appealing. Hope this was helpful and happy shopping!! 


  1. Such a stunning watch.

  2. This was definitely a really helpful post. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Thanks for sharing this post I agree with you in many ways here and your watch is gorgeous xoxo Cris

    1. thanks lovely! I decided to gift it to my mom :) she deserves it!


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