Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cannes Stars Style

Aishwarya Rai just about brings it everytime. I have to admit she kills the red carpet each time I see her now. Flawless beauty really, I feel pride to know she comes from my home town and yet she has the sensible balance and elegance which sets her apart. I have never seen her try to hard or literally crave attention. Maybe because honestly she wouldnt need it lets face it. Her dress was simple yet so beautiful i think it easily was one of the best looks when it comes to her overall appearance. I must admit in the beginning of her cannes appearances she made such errors it didnt make sense. I would really wonder why was her stylist doing such blunders, the colours didnt coordinate or her look didnt have the right fit. Finally in the recent years, she started doing a great job and started getting it right each time which was amazing.

 I have to admit that Angelina Jolie, one of my favourite actresses looked nothing short of gorgeous in her strapless brown Atelier Versace gown. She just carried the dress with such grace and elegance. Dolce & Gabbana's lace looks have been garnering countless glossy covers so it's only fitting that a slew of the looks made their way down Cannes' red carpets. Two of the most memorable looks were worn by Gwen Stephani and Uma Thurman. Proving that they r not one to go for the boho-chic look only.   


  1. Hi Hanz

    I'm totally loving the Cannes events and the lady in white Aishwrya right? She's stunning..does she come from your origin? Really beautiful.

    Gwen looks stylish too. Have a nice week!


  2. Fashion is really all my blog is about! Thanks for sweet comments on trip. Yah, Sweden is lovely, you luck girl. Poland was great for us.

    Will visit you when ww come to Sweden!


  3. Generally gowns are not my thing, but Gwen black dress looks so ravishing.

    Hope you well Hanz, haven't seen you lately on me blog. Come by..


  4. I like Ash outfit, Armani is really special. She's so beautiful.

    Caroline W

  5. Really nice writeup... I'm a huge fan of these festivals and I think Gwen looks really nice.


  6. Their gowns were just gorgeous!!!

  7. just perfect!

    Very nice blog!



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