Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hollywood's Fav Couples

Currently this is my favvvv couples in Hollywood. I know you could say well Angelina stole brad. Get over it already. I mean cant we just appreciate and behappy for couples anymore? Sarah and Freddie are just the cutest and when  your two sweethearts get together it cant be any better than that can it? Rob and Kristen, jeez i was one of those star struck fans of Twilight. Yes, yes sorry I disappointed you and now you feel that I'm just another random blogger who is drolling over weird couples hhaa.. nope. Just sharing some of the couples of hollywood that really seem in love and make you want to fall in love all over again as well. I totally love these and Vic and Beckham, were like the coolest couple among them all. I appreciate them for how different they seem to be and yet they click and that can tell  you that you need to see compatibility in terms of what works for them and not what the image of the world is as of now. 

Whos your favorite couples?


  1. I love Sarah and Freddie they are my fav!!

    Cute voting poll idea Hanz! Follow me on my blog ok.


    1. yah they are my fav too they are so cute!!

  2. my vote is for sarah michelle geller and freddie prince junior :)

  3. Brad Pitt & Jolie!! So damn hot Hanz!

    Hope you doing well. Thanks for your comments on my bloggie. I like your style too!


  4. Hi Hanz

    Gotto say it's brad Pitt & Jolie for me...they r really good.


  5. I love Brad and Angelina but I will admit Brad is starting to look old to me. Not so sure how I feel about that. :)


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