Thursday, June 2, 2011

Take time off

So I thought today let me share things that I truly believe in that inspires me! These are really just my views and not really I say that applies to everyone. Hope these are things that help you too!

1) Sit back, enjoy the view sometimes..

In todays busy schedule and lifestyle that we lead, its become even more important to take out time for yourself. Spend atleast 20-40 mins a day to meditate or simply enjoy the everday living by going to a nearby park or place with peaceful environment. You will feel refreshed and so good!

2) Work but have fun..
Ive always worked very hard on my professional front. However, its just about making sure you dont burn out. There were times when I felt the work getting on to my stress levels! But whenever it did I made it a point to take vacation or getaway once every 3 months atleast. Its a great way to disconnect and get back your energy and focus.

3) Dont forget the child in you..
Everyone has a little kid inside of us. We want to go out and relax and feel great about ourselves and gain a lot of importance. This is the very important part of you. Dont lose who you are! Its very very special and important. Always be who you are and enjoy the little things in life. Playing in water, jumping around! Laughing at the silliest things...keep that child in you. You will be happy!

 4) Travel leisurely...
I see people travelling like crazy and just not making the best of their trips. They didnt have 'time' to visit some of the most great places when they travelled or they just wanted to 'lay back'. Its important to relax while you holiday as much as its to see the places. Dont cram your schedule so bad that you cant enjoy the time you spend in that. Plan and make sure you check the important sites without stressing yourself out that the 'travel' becomes a 'nightmare'.

 5) Love life...
Ive seen a lot of people who have everything at their disposal. You would wonder they should love life, but some of them are the unhappiest people Ive met! That makes me realise that happiness really cant be bought. If you are genuinely not happy with your current situation, the probability that thats gonna change into something good is veryyyy rare! So make sure that you dont miss out on things in your life. 

6) Destiny has a purpose..
People often times face a situation where they miss out on an opportunity and wonder if its them. Sometimes realise that destiny has some things in mind for you if certain opportunities dont work out, but that might mean something better is coming. Dont lose hope.

  7) Creativity is important...
We all have creative talent maybe in writer or singer, or for everything. Creativity is a great skill and the best part is you enjoy it! Its something you possess! So make sure you are creative and go out there and do what you love best. Make them matter!

8) Express your thoughts...
I saw this great episode on Oprah about gratitude diary. You can write down 5 things a day what you learnt and loved abt it. It could be simple things or any small things you have learnt and loved.  

 9) Always make time for family...
I have realised my balance and peace comes from family. Always keep them close. Family means your siblings, parents are probably the most important for me and of course your life partner. Never lose sight of their value, dont take them for granted and always keep them happy and you will always grow. Strength comes from family and no one else. 


  1. Such a strong it Hanz, Family is most important! Have a lovely day.

    Stay beautiful.

    Kisses xox

  2. This is really sweet...feels like a fresh breath of air


  3. Often times we forget the small things can bring us so much joy.


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