Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just a housewife?

Sometimes I dont get people really. I mean if you work too much, you are a workoholic. If you are a housewife you dont have a excited life. REALLY? Why do people need to stereotype situations I dont get it. I had this impulse to do this post for all the mothers out there who have come across what I have recently experienced. At a social event, the discussion went to the direction about future ambitions and careers. Expectantly, a lady turned to me and said, 'So what do you do?' I replied, 'Well, I am a housewife' There was literally silence. And I got a confused look from her. and she followed her question, 'What do you do with ALL that free time?' Oh Free time? Oh I dont know, clean, cook, change diapers, feed the baby around the clock, get up at odd hours, running around , keep him busy so he doesnt hurt himself, take care of the house, my husband, and on and on....None of the things she must be doing thanks to her 'HECTIC' work schedule as she puts it. The problem with this cliche is people feel the need to berate you if you are a housewife. Its a choice. Just like every decision you make in life. Rather than handing my kid to some strangers while I go out in the world to make my money, I have decided to take a break from work instead. I dont know when people will stop judging or assuming that just becoz they are working they have some superior hold. My role probably is more powerful than working in some company for someone else. I am building the characters and creating a loving environment for my home. There were a few nights I went to meet my friends and my son went hysterical. He is too small to understand that moms gone out for a short time. They deserve your attention and time and love. Once they are big enough Im sure I might think of working maybe. However, I really hope people start respecting everyone's choices and leave them be.  

This role also allows me to give my time to my family, make homemade food instead of rushing around and eating take outs coz we are so busy and dont have time for even cooking or breathing. It allows in the evenings to have family time once my hubby is back, we take holidays on weekends and travel across the countries and bond as a family . My son sees me daily and he feels secure and is happy kid. I dont need to worry about him being somewhere being neglected or treated wrongly. 
I have also started taking up my hobbies like blogging, reading and even writing. Its been such a blast. I never could pursue any of these hobbies when I worked for 8 years of my life. It was only work, home and weekends maybe catch up wit friends and party. Which gets boring after a certain time, but motherhood has got me to relax, take care of my health and focus on the things that matter for me too. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of staying at home and taking care. Some need the money or they just cant handle leaving their jobs and thats also fine. I hope people just let it be :) Just as important is working, being a housewife is a full time job with no set rules or timings and no breaks and probably tougher than anything anyone can ever experience. 

 I want you all to know YOU ARE SPECIAL and what you do is absolutely amazing. It has given me a whole level of new meaning to motherhood. Taking care of kids and when they are sick or ill and they are so very sad and low, you mothers are changing the life of your kids for the best. 

Take up a hobby 

I know this is really difficult with the time constraints and handling kids. But when you do something for yourself you feel empowered and relaxed. You also can have fun too...take up a painting class or just one hour a day do a hobby. Think about what are the hobbies that you want to take forward. Which is that one hobby that makes you happy, something that you feel good about everything. For me blogging was a hobby I enjoyed. I want to share my thoughts and ideas and the blog allows us to do this in a great way. 

Meditation and Yoga 

I have found this so relieving to cope with my daily routine. Its super busy and crazy but have been physically fit and my mind more calm and relaxed. Look at any sport something that keeps you fit and when you look good, u feel good about yourself. Diet too plays a important role. I love being energetic, but yoga and meditation gets me feel very relaxed and I totally love it. I feel the balance, you look amazing and its just the best way to handle stress and makes you very peaceful. 

This doesnt mean you need to party every night or go for movies daily. Make one day a week take for yourself and your partner. IT could be anyuthing, from a walk in park to movie or dinner...whatever you enjoy doing. It breaks the routine and you will see yourself have sometime for u. I know its so hectic and my personal time for me was totally lost. I felt tired, and offlate ignored my well being so much and found myself craving for these. So whenever my son sleeps I would paint my nails or do my hair, or something or the othrr. The weekend also is perfect time when your partner can take sometime to handle the kids go to the saloon and do things to relax.

Cook meals at home 
I have so many times see my friends kids fall ill regularly simple coz they wouldnt eat at home. Its good to go out and eat but dont make it a habit. The nutrition and kind of food you can make at home cant be compromised and got anywhere else but at home. Also you dont end up spending so much money which the restaurants charge you like crazy! I was never a morning person. Infact thanks to working I just had late nights and always got up late depending on my schedule. But a kid teaches you to adjust to their requirements. Since my son sleeps early I make it a point to sleep around his time and this makes me get up early and have more time for my morning routine and not rush around the house to get things done! I feel energetic and rested too!

Partners role 

I have discussed this at length with my hubby. Naturally he has a very busy schedule with his travel and work. So it becomes very important still for him to try and help in my routine too whenever I need him. He makes time for our kid always once hes back. We go out as a family almost everyday to park or take our son for eating out for his change too...This change of environment is very essential even for you to get a break. We sit int he coffee shop too read books and spend time with eachtoher. Once a kid comes into the picture it becomes more important to give more time to your partner too as much, coz we all focus more on our kids . Get a routine for him, let your kid know that your there for them by spending time and showing them sports, read to them, take them out, interact with other kids, they learn adjustment. 


  1. I believe a Mothers job is the hardest job and I will never label someone due to what they do for living.

    1. absolutely, i think people take that role for granted...thats what i dont like :D

  2. Hello from Spain: I agree with you. Working at home means work 24 hours a day. The children need us. Great tips. Keep in touch

  3. such a great post,being a housewife is surely a 24 hour job its very demanding and people shouldn't judge anyone by saying they are one
    great tips
    check out our new post

    1. Yes very true, every role is important, i wish people think like this.

  4. I know actually how you feel. I'm also a housewife

  5. so agree with you..

  6. Stunning pictures. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

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  8. I live close to where the photo of the model on the bike was taken! haha. I totally applaud you for being a house wife. It's not easy. I would lose my mind after about a week of conversations with soley children. Great post :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

    1. oh really!! very nice, hhaa thanks girl...i think today most mothers are working and handling their kids so i think thats definiely more than me haha...!

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