Friday, February 27, 2015

Sparkle & Glitter

One of my favorite collections is this gorgeous spread by Hedvig Palm for Interview Russia. A girl loves jewelry. I haven’t been the person who really wears much jewelry. But on certain special occasions I do love wearing diamonds a lot! I guess who doesn’t. So I recently picked up a gorgeous diamond bracelet and earrings! Its been my favorite offlate. Totally love them and wear them all the time. Sometimes I get obsessed with someone and then I get addicted to them haha… What is your favorite accessory do share!  Jewelry is very subjective thing to own. A lotta people love a lot of it. Others not so much. After I settled in Europe I noticed that people werent big into jewelry here and probably desginer bags were more important than anythng else. However, I like the simple look. Jewelry I prefer to wear only when its a wedding or some occasion. The regular days a ponytail and simple pair of earrings are my only accessories. 


  1. I cannot get over how incredibly stunning that last picture is. All of those jewels! How gorgeous.

    1. i knowwwwwwwww! so want them!

  2. So many stunning jewelry items

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  3. Beautiful post

    Love Vikee


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