Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Micheal Kors Wishlist

So finally Ive completed the renovations of our home and still more to go but there are the intial pics! We have done the renovations for the bedroom. Primarily the closet, cabinets and interiors. I chose a more minty white look for the bedroom totally love the peaceful feel it gives. Though its harder to manage with a toddler running around with paints colours and being superactive. I've also introduced a new slideshow option on blogger to better view the pics :D Though I have been playing around with new looks for my blog. I want to change it from the simple look to something like the fashion bloggers – Clear lines, and better visuals. So definitely will be renovating the blog. Also, I got my favorite Micheal Kors watch and bag! So some of you have asked me to share the pics! Here they go! I hope they are what you like... :D 

Micheal Kors Selma Bag
By far my most favorite bag from his collection. I wanted that straight compact bag yet looks very classy. I had selected the tote bag first but realised it was too huge for my taste and changed it to Selma. Its a gorgeous greyish brown colour which I dont own. Its such a beautiful and classy look.

Micheal Kors Parker Watch

What a gorgeous piece! Naturally since I got it I had my eye on it for a while now and finally decided to get it. 


  1. great post:) fantastic wishlist:)

  2. Amazingggggggggggg!! Totally love the selma bag

  3. I love your MK bag!!!
    Have a nice weekend dear,


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