Monday, March 9, 2015

Next Supermodel - Gigi Hadid

So just like any other tv junkie, I stumbled upon the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the other day while I was going through. However, I totally love the characters in it. Specifically, Lisa and Yolanda...Kyle and Brandi are the major players for sure. Anyways, then I saw gigi, who is Yolanda's daughter. Such a gorgeous girl and what I liked more is shes totally down to earth. That is what I totally believe is what its about. Now shes literally appeared on so many covers and shows and shes definitely the IT Girl. She has this girl next door attitude when she speaks in her interviews which make her very relatable yet her chic fashion sense and gorgeous style and looks just completes the package. Shes definitely here to stay within just 2 years shes made her name well established among the worlds top designers! Now thats saying something....move over Gisele here comes Gigi! This girl has a lot of potential she has the looks, personality and seems to be raised well. I really liked Yolanda as well and the show she managed to maintain her class dealing with nightmare women. So watch out I am sure Gigi is the next big thing! 


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