Thursday, May 21, 2015


Aishwarya Rai, been known as the most beautiful women in the world by the likes of Julia Roberts. She has the most dignified yet stylish fashion Ive seen at Cannes this year and by far wore the best dresses! Some of the photographs you can clearly see how the photographers are literally running after her to take more pics. They cant get enough. Thats the magic of her. Former Miss world and super star in India, shes one of my favorite stars and the fact she balances motherhood and her career so effortless makes her even more lovable! Here are some of the exclusive pictures of her looks from Cannes this year. Who knew Eva Longoria has been her best friend for 10 years! Shes also one of the most powerful bollywood actresses who earns more than 25 million dollars per movie. 

Shes really the most gorgeous woman and I totally like the fact that she has a very normal upbringing and has made it to the top of it. Shes very balanced and her interviews reflect a lot on her intelligence and her ability to speak in a very balanced manner. One of the best ways she has managed to balance her career and yet not to get into any major controversial situations has been one of the things I admire about her a lot.  


  1. wow! what a beautiful photos and dress!:)

  2. Love the new layout.

  3. Really gorgeous... Beautiful :)


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