Monday, May 18, 2015


One of the most larger than life experiences in the world was visiting New York! I have never seen the lights and huge towers and buildings light up the whole place like downtown New York! The New York pizza! Oh wow...these were definitely some of the fun experiences! I remmeber actually staying up and doing a 24 hour outing and so zonked out i just got over my jet lag on my way to chicago! Here are some of my fun moments!


1- Get ready to walk a lot!  - Something you probably dont expect. The parking is impossible, espiecally downtown so make sure to wear some easy to change shoes like sandals or sneakers. This was a great tip my friends told me, phew. If I had my heels on that would have been end of me!
2) Food stalls - NYC experience isnt complete without trying out a hot dog or pretzel at one of the street vendors! And yah I had to have one :D It was pretty good too! Make sure to try the one slice pizza which is really popular. Its HUGE! Phew, I managed to finish mine but couldnt believe it was one slice haha..

3) The views, lights! - The first thing that strikes you about the city is the larger than life lighting at Times Square and buildings. WOW I mean, it blews you away when  you land there for the first time! I was on work so since I was landing in NYC it just made sense to enjoy it more. 

4) People are always on the move- I havent ever been on streets where ppl are literally zooming across the roads like road runners...:p I know it sounds like a scene from the cartoon but literally. I was on my foot the whole time  but it struck me how ppl are always so busy. Its quite true. But the buzz of it really gets to me and enjoyed it too! 

5) Shopping - My list wouldnt be complete without this. I went more Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria Secret and it was all about comfort fo rme. Europe is more for my highend and highstreet shopping so didnt focus too much of that for my NYC trip. 


1) No parking ever- It can be anytime of the day but parking is always a nightmare. My siteseeing was on foot our tour buses but still we had to walk a lot and its crazyy- i walked almost 12 hrs with breaks for 2 days and ended up with knee pain when I went back home. The luxury of always moving around in my car possibly.

2) Careful while travelling about city - Unlike Europe where u can explore without worrying about being mugged or attacked...I ddint get the feeling it was that safe. So always have a contact person or try not venture out alone too late.

3) Takes too long to get anywhere - Traffic is madness so it sometimes takes forever to reach destinations and u might miss out lotta stuff to do so make sure to plan ahead.


  1. archieparkerMay 19, 2015

    Looks like you had a lotta fun! great pics girl

  2. just came across your blog and imust say LOVE IT! AMAZIN PICS...u look lovely

  3. apoleziiiiesJuly 07, 2015

    came across your blog really gorgeous


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