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One of the most larger than life experiences in the world was visiting New York! I have never seen the lights and huge towers and buildings light up the whole place like downtown New York! The New York pizza! Oh wow...these were definitely some of the fun experiences! I remember actually staying up and doing a 24 hour outing and so zonked out I just got over my jet lag on my way to Chicago! Here are some of my fun moments! 


Get ready to walk a lot!  

Something you probably don't expect. The parking is impossible, especially downtown so make sure to wear some easy to change shoes like sandals or sneakers. This was a great tip my friends told me, phew. If I had my heels on that would have been end of me! There was one day while we were site-seeing that we decided to just see the city the whole like 18 hours of just walking around. I never have walked that way and I really paid for it later. I returned home to get some chiropractic treatment coz my knee was really badly hurting to a point I couldn't stand too much. It was a week of treatment and then it got better. Lesson was I will never exert beyond what I am used to doing. It important to understand your body and not take it for granted. 

Food stalls 

NYC experience isn't complete without trying out a hot dog or pretzel at one of the street vendors! And yah I had to have one :D It was pretty good too! Make sure to try the one slice pizza which is really popular. Its HUGE! Phew, I managed to finish mine but couldn't believe it was one slice haha..Land of the junk food for sure. Everywhere you can just stop by and pick up on the go quesadilla's to tacos or sandwiches and sherma's and that is the in match with the hustle bustle lifestyle that New York has to offer. 

The views, lights! 

The first thing that strikes you about the city is the larger than life lighting at Times Square and buildings. WOW I mean, it blews you away when  you land there for the first time! I was on work so since I was landing in NYC it just made sense to enjoy it more. The Times square lights just about is the most spectacular sight. If you like the buzz and people walking around at anytime of the day or night in New York. One of the highlights is there is a lot to do in New York, Broadway shows to events and museums. If that's something of your interest then go ahead and enjoy it. 

People are always on the move

I haven't ever been on streets where ppl are literally zooming across the roads like road runners...:p I know it sounds like a scene from the cartoon but literally. I was on my foot the whole time  but it struck me how ppl are always so busy. Its quite true. But the buzz of it really gets to me and enjoyed it too! This is something I couldn't understand. How do so many people reach their destinations so easily and it is so amazing. I am totally blown away how this city functions and its really interesting. 


My list wouldn't be complete without this. I went more Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria Secret and it was all about comfort for me. There are some great stories and lotta great deals I managed to find thanks to the fact that it was around the thanksgiving time. So I shopped a lot and had a great time and its amazing to see. Europe is more for my high end and high street shopping so didn't focus too much of that for my NYC trip. I shopped for family and friends back home and that was nice too. I always enjoy shopping for others than myself, I dont know the reason for that. 


No parking ever

It can be anytime of the day but parking is always a nightmare. My site seeing was on foot our tour buses but still we had to walk a lot and its crazy- i walked almost 12 hrs with breaks for 2 days and ended up with knee pain when I went back home. The luxury of always moving around in my car possibly. We wanted to just look around the beautiful locations and spend time but thanks to parking issues we ended up parking some 15 miles away almost and just taking cabs all around the place which was crazy waste of time and money. No wonder in the movies they show the actors taking cabs! That is really how you can manage to move around the place, not to mention the cabs are expensive and sorry not well maintained!
Careful while travelling about city - 

Unlike Europe where u can explore without worrying about being mugged or attacked...I dint get the feeling it was that safe. So always have a contact person or try not venture out alone too late. Everyone kept saying when I was heading there to not go out alone anywhere, even during the day and I found that absurd. Mostly because you end up walking everywhere and if i was out a lot which was mostly in the whole day it wouldnt be safe. i did have friend with me and he is 6'4 and a huge personality so it was fine, but otherwise unless people didnt keep telling me a millions time. I did have one freaking encounter when I saw a bunch of girls go rouge and start yelling and screaming at another group and it was getting physical fight and that totally was so scary and then cops came in and broke up the fight. phew! 

Takes too long to get anywhere

Traffic is madness so  it sometimes takes forever to reach destinations and u might miss out lotta stuff to do so make sure to plan ahead. Just to go 10 miles would take you 40 mins in peak hours. We took a cab for one of our rides and I swear I was so annoyed at the speed we were travelling at and barely moved. At one point I just wanted to jump out of the car and head out! Gosh, it was madness. This city is for the people who love the busy hustle and the crowds for sure. Not me.  

Tough people

Zero emotion. That is the best way to sum up the culture or the way people are are totally indifferent. They can be loud, rude and bossy and just I guess overall rough but that's New York. Even when we were in New Jersey the people were just outright rude at times and very blunt. I totally see that as something I find annoying. But hey, you get used to it after a certain time and as long as you meet the right people should be easier. But just be aware of this shock culture if you are heading here for the first time. 


  1. archieparkerMay 19, 2015

    Looks like you had a lotta fun! great pics girl

  2. just came across your blog and imust say LOVE IT! AMAZIN PICS...u look lovely

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    came across your blog really gorgeous


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