Thursday, June 25, 2015


Gamlastan is one of my favorite places in Sweden. The beautiful skyline and backdrop of lake and gorgeous view of the swans in the lake I mean just stunning. Staying here and experiencing the culture of the people. We walked around the city and explored the museums and the great locations. Spent a lot of time near the lake I think that was beautiful. Just enjoying the sun and the waves and talking. Sometimes just relaxing makes things much more fun. 

So the summer weather is really such a fun time to get out and explore the city. We had a lovely dinner in a Thai restaurant and he one thing about Swedish people that really made me so aware of how to speak was in the restaurant. They are very soft spoken people and in the restaurant I couldnt hear them at all. You almost start whispering to make sure you dont sound loud, that was one of the funniest experiences. The entire hotel was made out of glass and just beautiful to be able to see the stockholm from every part of it. 

We settled and have travelled so much but the peace and quiet is really one of my favorite things about stockholm. My other favorite thing obviously is shopping.  guess the syle and chose of the clothes might be more expensive than anywhere else in the world but I love the style and quality of clothes here. We enjoy our weekends exploring the stores and shopping if i find something and then go to the park and meeting friends. Just going downtown to the city and getting a drink and we have also seen a few of the partying places and absolutely found them really amazing fun time. 

One of the only downsides of Stockholm is that there aren't many Indian restaurants they are mostly Bangladeshi food which is sweeter. I really missed the spicy food that I so enjoy a lot! One of my great fav restaurants is Shanti in the city center the food is really amazing. i wish there are more spicy food places though! That is the one thing I miss a lot.  

Taking a break from my career is probably one of the best things I have done I feel. I get to travel with my husband around the world and explore places which I couldnt do for a very long time thanks to my crazy work lifestyle. Our plan in the next 2 years is to explore as many gorgeous places in Europe and take our time exploring the places and enjoying that. One of things I definitely wanted to do after settling down. Getting our time, its important to prioritize our life and make sure to enjoy the time we spend with our family as well. That is the most important thing as ever. 

Sweden has always been one of the places that fascinated me even before I came here. One of the most peaceful and beautiful Norwegian countries with polite, calm and a very relaxing place to live in. We explored one of my favorite places called 'Gamlastan, its the heart of Stockholm city and just about had a blast with my hubby as we went around tasting some exotic food from thai to indian to continental...I love Italian personally so the pastas and pizzas are my staple diet...not very good but combine it with greens :D absoluely love adding salads and green juice into my diet, something I feel will help change my routine and gotta get healthier with age for sure.  


  1. Lovely pictures

  2. Beautiful pictures, what a lovely place! You look adorable!

  3. I hope I will have a chance to visit this lovely place the meantime, thank you for this virtual tour...I love that big smile of yours on the first photo...looks like you had a lovely time.

    1. yah Ivana you shd its such gorgeous locale :)

  4. nice post :)

  5. Hello from Spain: fabulous place. Nice pics. Keep in touch


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