Sunday, June 14, 2015


I was sorting my photo folders recently and conserving lotta my memories on GOOGLE PHOTOS. If you guys havent used this feature of google yet you are missing out! Google has come up with a great alternative to storing pics and videos. You can simple login to your google account and access the google photos app and upload all your pics for UNLIMITED space! How amazing is that. 

I dont need to now go thru my computer or hard drive if i wanna see my pics and its made it hell of a lot easier uploading pics to my social media sites being able to access it anywhere! So make sure to check it out! So as I was sorting my pics I came across these pics from way back! I was so obssessed with my sunglases I still am but these were taken in college. It was the first sunglasses I really was obsessed with the blue frame which have gained popularity now. I laugh at the pics now when i see how I am playing with the camera :D


  1. cute flashback photos:)

  2. Hello from Spain: great sun glasses. keep in touch

  3. I really enjoy your blog :)

    Im just getting started:

    thanks so much <3

  4. Nice

    Love Vikee

  5. i love these wonderful photos,and they are so cool


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