Wednesday, June 10, 2015


In every phase of our life we come across people who change our lives. It might be in both good and bad ways. However, the scars the bad moments leave on us really is the determining factor to how we enjoy the good. These are few of the things I have come to realise about people…

People will always have opinions 

It’s a world wide fact that we cant help but have a viewpoint on things. As human nature has it we just have to say something rude or mean about someone and it stems from basic self insecurities. Most people I have come across who have been rude just do it to feel better about themselves. If you are happy person, most probably you will want to  make sure you make other people happy too!

Its not your fault 

Often times we beat ourselves up thinking maybe I am the problem. Maybe I am fat, or ugly or just a loser. Maybe they mean what they say . Since a group of people are doing the same things or saying the same things it slowly eats into your subconscious that mauybe its you. SNAP OUT OF IT! It’s not! And the moment you let them get to you, THEY WIN!

Draw a line

       Enough is enough. I have heard people say ‘Be the bigger person’, ‘Don’t respond just go quiet. YAH RIGHT. Easier said than done. No one is gonna just sit back to listen to the nonsense being told. Confront them and question the statements. Don’t attack back or speak in the same way. Theres no difference. Just rationalize. You are doing this more for you than them. You are the better person remember.

Time to let go     
They say forgive and forget. I am not very good with the forgetting  part but I do try and forgive. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been wrong in my life. There are so many moments I feel I have messed up or been rude myself, but I consciously either apologize or try and sort the issue out if its my fault. And Im happy to say I was able to retain some friends as a result of the same. If someones worth it make the effort or just let it be. You don’t need to make everyone happy. It will consume you!

Self respect above all

Its more important to make sure that you are happy and content with your life than anything else. If someone is pulling you down, just disconnect from that energy. Don’t try to argue your way or prove that you are gonna give it. Nope not a solution. U will feel worse and drained and probably emotionally harmed. The best solution I have found with judgmental people is don’t give them anything to discuss, so just preserve yourself by not even responding to negativity.

Their behavior is a reflection of them not you 

     Finally, I will conclude by saying, you might have tried being good and sort the issues. Still hasn’t worked. So you try harder. Still u feel your being judged. Give it your best shot. But if the person continues to rude to you its just goes to show you that they probably don’t wanna solve a problem with you. They want to just create a problem.


  1. Its so true i got bullied a lot wheni was a kid and once i picked myself up and decided to move forward i was happier for it...

    1. Im sorry to hear that you were bullied but its nice u didnt let it consume you. :D

  2. Amylove32June 11, 2015

    I love your inspiring posts hanz...its so refreshing to come across a blog which speaks so much meaning.

    1. Amy i try to express all aspects of what I like and share it with you all so thank u!

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2015

    Such a lovely post

  4. self respect ist he most imp thing. very true.

  5. I stumbled across your blog and I love the stuff you put here...its refreshing! ¨
    keep up the great stuff

  6. Nice post


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