Saturday, August 27, 2016


The amusement park was one of he places I wanted to come esp for kids to explore. We had friends over and it was a great opportunity for them to take the fun in and become like kids again as well. There was an incident that really annoyed me. We newly moved to the city, and naturally we were still in the process of buying a car and figuring our way around and thank god for Uber. However, the 2nd day we were in the city we decided to go and explore in an Uber and we didn’t have a car seat, we planned to buy it on the weekend so we just about thought to enjoy the experience as well. While we were in transit the driver decides to say since we didn’t have a car seat for our kid, we would need to exit the car in the middle of the ride. 

I think I almost lost my cool, but we did explain that this should have been said at the beginning of the ride. I think its so important in today's world esp that we become a little more considerate when it comes to respecting other people as well. Compassion is something we are missing with our digital age and our obsession with tracking our own life and convenience. Some people just don’t have the consideration to understand how a situation can really affect and bother. People are stuck up and that’s just how it goes. Don't let people bother you too much. If they bother you, it affects just you and not them :) 

Its was the weekend and we decided to catch up with our friends from New York. Even though we lived in same city and now have all moved...I still loved the time we had as friends. Esp for my son, he loves meeting people and making new friends and it was the same today! The kids had such a great time in the amusement park and they just about spent time trying the rides. But the very first time for Vignan and he was totally psyched yet was so hesitant to try the rides. We were sitting there and he just agreed to two rides whereas our friends kids were literally trying every ride!

They were like fearless but since his nature is hes very careful and likes to analyse things. So he was super excited once he tried the rides. We had some ice cream to beat the heat and just sat around and just about relaxed a lot more. The heat was so much gosh, we were almost exhausted running and managing the kids around the situation and seeing the kids having fun. So we just about relaxed and finally after an hour of playing I couldn't ride the many games there and Vignan was like he wanted to go and then once kids were done we headed for a lovely lunch and spend a gorgeous day spending time at home and catching up on updates on us. Then we all cooked together and had fun. 

We were also having a great time eating and playing around and having a lotta fun. I always cherish moments with family and friends and its important to be with them and value time you have had. Its easy and important to be able to feel the same and enjoy the time u have that is something that you wont get again. The time is most precious. My biggest lesson in life. People tend to take time for granted. 

There is always a reason to frown. Just take sometime in a day to read something funny or what something which really cracks you up. 
Donate some of your old stuff, it could be anything. I have made it a habit for us to do it as it inculcates the habit to appreciate what you have. 
Always try your best to write good thoughts and how you enjoyed your day. It could be as simple as if your friend left you a thank you note.
Most of the time people always spend too much, including me. So i made this rule to shop within certain amount. The amount needs to be habit and then you enjoy the experience without worrying about how much you spent
Always spend time with the people in your life. Its not about partying, or the need to always be out socializing with people. Its just about giving them time, if its for a few hours or a few moments. I still remember moments like having milkshake or making french fries were my favorite moments. 

The amusement park was supposed to be for the kids. I found myself going to more rides than the kids! I guess we all have a inner child who does come out once in a while and wants to enjoy themselves immensely. The kids hesitated to go through all the games, one would and then the other wouldn’t. It was just pushing them to try some rides which looked scarier than others. It was a fun day. We had an opportunity to also just enjoy the day but then to beat the heat we got some ice cream and a great dinner. 

We enjoyed cooking and spending time as going out would have been noisy and this way we got to discuss what was going on with our lives. We spend the next day going out again and eat out eventually but I guess the simple moments of enjoying the time and seeing the kids bond and have fun is priceless. In our busy lifestyles, its important to take out the time for giving them that time and importance. The heat got the better of us for sure and spend the day at home and evening went to the park while they raced and ran everywhere. 

The most relaxing thing for me is to sit on the grass and take in the surroundings and the sounds. Even though we were so new to this city, its always people who make you feel at home. I have often times been in situations where I've been surrounded by people and yet there has been completely moments I would want to get away coz I didn't choose to be surrounded by those people. Now, I feel lighter away from noise, people who dont really make much sense to have around and just appreciate what I have around.  


  1. cUTE! GREAT PICS!!!

  2. You guys look like you had fun! Thanks for sharing these pics <3

    xo Azu

  3. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  4. Amazing post, it's good to see that you spend a lot of time with your family, I always say "Family first" :)

  5. Awesome Photography Nice pics...

  6. wow, look at all the happy faces. looks like fun and n amazing time with family.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  7. Wow you had a wonderful time! So happy photos!

  8. Looks like a great fun. Nice clicks.

  9. Thank you. It really has unique, beautiful blog :) You will like to see more fun from here.


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