Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Recently, I had gone to the Fedex office to send some parcels and while I was doing it I noticed in the book section a book that caught my eye. Now you can say it was destiny or that I was meant to get the book in my hands. I generally don't buy books on the spot but this was from Rhonda Brynes. The author who had written The Secret series which has greatly influenced my life. I remember there was an activity in the Secret book that she asked to do. It was quite simple. She said that take pictures of all the things you want to achieve lets say in next year or short time and put them up on a board or cabinet..somewhere you can see it everyday. So I took a bunch of pictures from magazines and put it on my cupboard. They were pictures of a beautiful house, Buddha meditating that means I am looking for peace. Also, a beautiful in love couple - wanting to meet my perfect man, along wit images of holidays around the world, immense recognition and success in my career and good family connections and time. 

One year had passed since I had put the images, and honestly nothing much changed. I was going to my routine work as usual and doing things as per my own will. I really wondered does this really work. But then there was a catch to it. You have to BELIEVE in it. The truth was I put the pics up but I didn't believe. I just couldn't imagine things would change and all those things on the board would come to life. So I changed my thinking, that was all. I didn't change anything else. I just finally changed my mindset and decided to start giving it a short. All I did was change my mind. And then one year later, after I decided to consciously start accepting goodness. It started happening...though I would say few things are still in progress things did start to happen and change for the better.

One of the biggest AHA moments for me (it seems to be my favorite go to line nowadays) for me was when Iyanla Vanzant said on the Oprah show that often times people live in the past. I never understood what she meant. I always thought it was just about not talking about your past. But recently I realised, that I tend to dwell on my past in terms of things I always feel I shd have done better. It was coming across in my conversatirons, always feeling that I should have done something else would have had a better result. Often times I undermined myself too and never realised that the more I Was doing it the more I was pulling my own confidence and belief down. I immediately stopped doing this and I must say it would take forever sometime. I would think I knew the I had stopped it and suddenly in another conversation I have managed to now bring up some issue from my past again and when I noticed people rolling their eyes, like, here-she-goes-again look and it really hit me like a ton of bricks. I was becoming a whiner. I didnt like it and I just stopped that day. Sometimes you have to have a hard stop! 

I became a believer. In opening my eyes and giving a chance to life in a positive. That it wouldn't just be the same. I was so used to the routine and I think most of us are so used to how things are going that we stop believing in ourselves or in things that can happen to us. We accept life as it is. The more we given in the more things remain the same. The second AHA moment of my life was this book called THE MAGIC. What I love about this book is absolutely the fact that it has influenced the way I have started to do things. I have added gratitude diary and belief to my life now. I have started writing down the good I see in people and appreciating and telling the people who are the most important in my life about how grateful I am to have them in my life. It has been profoundly influential because it has made my mind calmer, more focused and positive. 

The most common mistake I have seen people do is get into the habit of either talking negative or doing something which is hurtful or harmful to someone else. I was also victim to this and I didnt realise how I was harming my peace of minda nd others. I remember in the past I was so hell bent on thinking I was right on my views that I often times shut out or refused to listen to anyone. The one method I learnt to start becoming more paitent and listening to what others say was reading spiritual and life lesson books. Lotta people think its like theraphy or something is wrong but the more you invest in time to analyse who you are its actually healthy for your mind and your life. I started to read more and analyse myself, I started to ask feedback from friends and fam about how iwas and if they felt i Could improve something about me and I was shocked that many of the responses were things that were so basic I just overlooked! Self reflection will only happen when you are open to accepting your faults. If someone says there are things that you want to imrpove oabout you the probability that you need to imrpove those things are quite high. People that you trust are going to lookout for you so make sure you take views from someone you trust and not just anyone. It might not always be genuine. 

Notice each time we have a fight, or argument or try to sort some situation or even try to talk bad or negative about people how uneasy and negative we start feeling. You immediately feel the energy from your system draining. You dont feel relaxed, you want to get away, run away almost and dont feel happy with your current situation at all and then things get more worse. It has been more negative and more annoyed with time. It has been very important to be able to come back and feel more important for who you are. The moment I face a negative situation I will either try to resolve it or get away from it if I feel I cant handle it or manage to resolve it. Yes, I come across blunt rude and a care a damn and yes I am. I would rather keep my peace of mind than be confrontational and fight further. But if people are more positive and forgiving then it becomes easier. 

Make sure that your keeping your mind busy. As a habit the human mind needs to be used. Its making sure that your utilizing your time which needs to be used well. The human mind has the ability to grasp and do so much. The moment you arent keeping yourself busy with lets say work, household stuff, discussing useful aspects or doing something creative. It tends to progress towards getting negative. You start wondering why you are not getting things goin in the right way and if you dont have a purpose in life you feel lost, loser or even a failure sometimes. I have been there, esp when I experienced so many changes in my life with moving around and trying to get a routine going and not being able to do so, it was very annoying. By keeping yourself busy and having a good day of work and schedule day ahead, you will be able to find yourself feeling motivated and happier. It improves the state of mind. For example, I started the blog as a hobby just a place to document my memories or experiences and now I literally take it as a full time job! I enjopy what im doing and thats the most important thing. It could be anything, as long as your happy doing it, go for it!


Today, the things I value most are my loyal friends who have been in my life over 10 to 15 years and even though we have all moved across the globe and have our own lives we still try to make time for each other and wish well for others and keep regularly checking on each other. My leanings have been value people in your life. Its probably the most important lesson I've learnt. Good things start happening the more we start wishing well for the people in our life. Keep watching...and I would recommend to grab this book for great activities and how to bring back the good energy and right focus in your life. It has definitely given it to me esp with the testing things and when I was moving around so much it hard to manage sometimes. This book was it for me! 


So do you remember the last time that you have appreciated someone or gave someone a real compliment. Not just some random generic one like your pretty or just nice dress or something. That is probably the most common statement people tend to give. I mean heartfelt genuine and unique compliment from the heart that the other person can feel you mean it. The more you make others feel good the more you feel good. Its as simple as that. When I see people trolling or hating on celebs or social media platforms just coz they have an opinion doesnt mean you shouldn't have one. It just means that how you put things across is affecting you first not the other person always. Coz they are coming out of your mouth, so they are words that are forming in your system and are harming you first. So if you speak rudely or negatively it will then impact you more than you think. 

Try your best to speak well or not say anything at all if you cant think of something polite or nice to say. Its not always neccessary to express your views. Its hurting someone, someone is harming thsmselves or doubtin who they are becoz of what negative is writen about them. Try and speak positive so they feel that you mean it and help someone somewhere, you can change someone elses life with just WORDS.



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