Italian Getaway @ Intercontinental

Our Italian holiday didnt have its ideal start to had its perfect time but the rains were really the toughest time to manage t...

Our Italian holiday didnt have its ideal start to had its perfect time but the rains were really the toughest time to manage trying to explore the beautiful place of Rome. But as the essential sightseeing of the place was definitely my priority, the stay also becomes very important and part of the routine and becoming very important. The Intercontinental I generally love staying at but the Rome one really small! I guess Europe has always known for the beauty but the city being very small. We paid a huge bomb for it and the balcony was tiny and really couldnt enjoy the views. 

However, on the bright side, we loved the sightseeing of the city and we explore the hotel and then in the evening took a walk around the city near the hotel. Rome has this convenience aspect of it when you are travelling around its easy to get around. But be aware of all the looting that happens, the cab guys are really tough at times and gave us a tough time if the travel wasnt were they found it to be convenient or easy for them. One guy was so damn annoying gosh, it really does dampen the spirits but the city makes up for it in its charm and beautiful architecture. A classic quality about what Europe is known for. 

Yog was such a sweet lil baby, he had a little tough time managing the sightseeing rides and travel across so we couldnt possibily cover al ot more than we really wanted to so that was a lesson for me to not overload our experience esp keeping in mind that the baby is with us and taht is definitely something that we need to keep in mind. The most important and crazy things that we need to always keep in mind is the kids happiness and enjoyent. So in that regard I made sure that he did enjoy that a lot. The favorite part was a horse ride that we took for him and he absoltutely loved it but be ready to be able to shell a lotta money for the rhorse ride and its around 100 Euros ...was it worth it Probably not! But to see the smile on my sons face that would totally make up for it! I cant wait to explore other cities in Italy on another trip! Thats so much more to see! >D

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  1. gorgeous pics girl! i so wanna go now!

  2. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  3. Amazing photos. Rome is lovely - as whole country, Italy is very beautiful :)

  4. so obssesed with Rome. what a cute family. Fallen in love with Rome again.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  5. What an awesome little getaway, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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