Thursday, August 4, 2016


I have always experienced crossroads in my life. No, I am not referring to the Britney spears movie. (My weird attempt on trying to be funny) That was more like a cross country ride thats all. But by cross roads I mean that life itself being adventurous and most of the time lets face it, its quite routine. I dont see much change. Growing up the only normal was moving and travelling because of my dads work. It became normal to me to be able to explore and move around the world. I am very grateful for all my experiences and the opportunity I have had to explore the world and its been such a great time. 

Though the upside was that I got to see a lot of  new places and meet some amazing people the constant changes however did affect my confidence and created insecurities when I was younger. It was self doubting and struggles with catching up with others and studying and trying very hard to make sure I was staying afloat. Then school days were definitely my toughest time. I eventually learnt that I need to let go and make things easier, I worked harder, I realised that my determination was going to bring me up to the mark. 

This was definitely one of the toughest time of my life. Mainly because I was beginning to realise that the constant change had seen variation in the acamedics and it was really tough. 

Finally, the thunderstorms were gone. The sun was shining and my hard work paid off, I took extra classes and made sure I worked harder I studied more number of hours till late in night when everyone was asleep and woke up early in the morning at the crack of dawn while my friends slept was a lotta tough nights and lack of sleep and finally I ace my exams I still remember the date I did that and I reached home and did a little dance! I had achieved this in my school days all on my own. I didnt give up, I refused to give up and it paid off..

Honestly, the harder days were there, I felt alienated even though I had great friends. I felt left behind even though I was standing in a crowd. It was one of those moments when you feel no matter how much you try nothing seemed to be working for you and I know now that it probably is normal but when your a kid you think its just happening to you and everyone is having a great time. I had a great family support who encouraged me and that became my confidence pillar and they were absolutely fantastic and caring beyond words. 


This was one of my crucial lessons at a young age. When I overcame my fears of failing in my academics and fears of not succeeding in my life and career I kept remembering Mariah Carey words in my all time favorite song - Theres a hero, if you look inside your heart, you dont have to be afraid of who you are...that song changed my life and I guess I will never be able to express my gratitude becoz music has always been my form of inspiration and till this day I remember this song and how I used to play it on repeat mode to get motivation. 


1) Working hard, theres no replacement - The biggest lesson that I have learnt from this phase in my life was that if you dont work hard and put in the effort you cant say that destiny was like this or I am not lucky. That is something no one can say, unless you have tried and worked hard enough. I have seen a lotta people who are immensely intelligent and have such amazing talent but just dont put in the time or effort for the work they want to do. Those situations and work isnt always going to work if you dont put the effort into it. 

2) Dont let anyone put you down - Those mean girls were there, but the situation to react or to stoop to their level or try and give them the satisfaction was something I didnt bother. No matter what I heard I have always believed that I will keep working and trying my hardest until the day comes before I achieve all the things that I have set out for. It was very frustrating coz failure was so normal and everything seemed so tough, but I kept trying but if you let people know that you are not bothered about what they say you will learn to ignore them and focus on your stuff and what you want to get down. 

 Shirt Dress - Shein , Bag - Micheal Kors, Watch - Micheal Kors, Sandals - Max

3) You are stronger than you think - Its only in the tough situations that your resilience and who you are is tested. Ive realised I can handle more pressure even though I was pretty young and then the things started happening. I didnt find it tough to get up earlier, it was effortless to take those extra classes, travelling and making it crazy and going across all the place and been so busy but it didnt feel like work and I totally enjoyed it. 

4) Listen to the voices in your head - Lotta people let the negative bother them so much or what they hear or if someone they admire tell them something bad that it affects them constantly and it has happened to extert too much. But there is always a voice inside that guides you that what I believe, either yu see signs or you feel that you speak into your mind that it happens. But then the things always affecting us are what we let into our mind and affect our soul. These are the things that matter the most. So be paitient and effective and be super healthy and happy. 


  1. Amazing post

    Love Vikee

  2. Replies
    1. awww tks hun! so sweet! bless

  3. You look so classy and chic!!!
    Looove your bag and shoes! Great photos, as well!

  4. Wow its amazing how you shared your story!
    Very inspiring!

  5. Nice ready hanz, - bertz

  6. You're a stong woman.

    1. Thanks Daria! its been a real journey >D

  7. Inspiring! It's important to never give up. x

    Have a nice week,

  8. Hard work + determination pays off, lady! Happy for you! You look super chic here, too. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. totally! thanks so much hun!

  9. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  10. I think that every choice shapes us, but the critical ones do the biggest job in our life. Amazing outfit and stay strong :)

    1. absolutely wit u Emilia! well said!


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