Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Some of the best experiences start in hotels. Whether we realise it or not most of our moments happen when we live in hotels, exploring new places and seeing the sites and coming back extremely tired. The hotel has its own park and beautiful backdrop of gorgeous views from over 5 windows sights that we had in our presidential suite.. Its really got the best views of the city and Lotta gorgeous decor and love the fact that there's this huge leather chair which I can't seem to get away from I'm obsessed with it and really want to get one for our home as well. The beauty of this place is that kids get a lotta out outdoor activities too and with things to go around doing its fun as well. I've gotten a chance on day one to just rest IP take a nap and we went exploring the hotel must admit its gorgeous really.

Staying here was great but here is something about moving into your own home. Just the space, putting things in order and I was getting restless. I really wanted to settle down and so used to moving it probably became part of who I am from a young age. I look outside my window and just greenery everywhere its so serene and lovely. The weather is probably my favorite part. I got so used to living in Sweden in -20c weather which was just normal walking around with freezing weather and it taking over most of the year and we got so used to carrying eskimo type coats and it became a habit. Walking around was also normal in that weather which just added to the excitement. There were times when the cold took over so badly it would result in my face feeling like it was frozen. This was a welcome change. More tropical and what I was used to growing up especially in India. Best part is I can wear dresses. I know sounds so silly. But with hot weather that felt good and very relaxed. 

Absolutely lovely environment  
From the moment I get into the hotel and then I see this grand entrance and beautiful larger than life architecture and the amazing look of the style of the hotel. The friendly staff and the easy flow of how we checked in and spent our time there was fantastic. The service to the amazing good attitude really made the move especially after moving to a new place. We had so many bags and suitcases and it was total madness so just entering to this gorgeous suite was all we needed and my son was super excited to run everywhere and enjoy it!

Views and the beautiful suite 
I know this sounds a bit superficial and cliche but lets face it, when we are in hotel we look for these kind of things. Huge window views all around the hotel and that was on one of the highlights for me I saw the views of the city from every direction and its absolutely beautiful and I love it totally. For me floor to ceiling views are really a huge highlight and I totally love the experience of it because thats what I really want that its so very cool.

Bull Park! 
My son favorite thing to do is play in the park in the evenings...esp for a new place you dont wanna move around too much we were fairly tired and then we were so busy with the rest of the moving and organizing stuff. But he would love to sit on the bulls and call them elephant which was super cute and kids coe around and they play with Yog and thats really one of my favorite moments of the day we would sit make a picnic and then spend time away from technology or anything. People all around us were having Pokemon Go Moments hahah...walkin arond like zombie!

Amy Ice cream and Shopping 
Seriously the best ice cream ever! I love having them with pistachios or almonds and oh god it was heaven and we just binged esp yog loved it totally. It was totally amazing. But the lines were crazy it was so long and totally amazing. I twas getting longer by the day but the best way to beat the heat is to have gorgeous ice cream. Ironically, I don't really like ice cream unless it has a bunch of nuts or toppings on top. Though I try to indulge once in a while and enjoy it because that is probably one of my other Ice Popsicle that I enjoy more.

Pamper mode 
Totally love the room service to the extra care and enjoying the weather. Its amazing to wake up and just order room service, having breakfast and rushing to the restaurant was such a nightmare always felt but this was best thing I needed it. Then we can spend some time relaxing and getting such great spa and great time. Then the best way to unwind and relax for sure. Then the evenings we ordered in were lazy and i might add relaxing too...! 

Snapchat obsession! 
So finally my son got a hold of my phone and started getting obsessed with all the emojis and characters on snapchat it was the funniest thing he just wouldn’t leave it and my battery was crazy drained! After a while though he finally got bored of it but we had a lotta fun making faces and doing the weirdest thing! hehe

It felt like only yday I moved back to US from lovely Europe. Now finally I can say I have settled down in the West coast..As we are getting our things over, we are having such a luxurious stay at the Renaissance hotel! Firstly, I must admit I never thought I have seen such a magnificent hotel ever and I have stayed in my fair share of hotels with our travels and holidays. You enter the hotel to such a lovely warm staff and this really huge sitting area which is almost like a football field. Its nice to have a hotel make you feel like you have settled in to a new place. 


  1. welcome back to the states. I'm also in the process of moving back to the states after living in Germany.


    1. awesome amy! where are u back to?

  2. So glad you are able to stay somewhere nice while everything gets settled!

    1. you adorable! thanks lovely! i agree :D

  3. Gorgeous place! congrats to u!!

  4. AnonymousJuly 20, 2016

    wow lovely pics! love your blg!

  5. Sarah MillerJuly 20, 2016

    you look so pretty! love the pics...

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  7. Great photos, this hotel looks amazing :)

  8. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  9. i love seeing what food they serve haha xx

  10. The photographs are beautiful
    Being in this hotel is a luxury
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