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Dubai & Bahrain, childhood memories!

Its been amazing living in Dubai.I have the fondest memories. And I have enjoyed my best days there. I was born in India but then moved to Dubai. That is where I had the opportunity to meet a lotta  different cultures at a very young age. Here's me as a kiddo with my dad at Dubai beach hehe....Cute memories!! The picture below is dad and I in Dubai at the beach..

I still do have memories of the Costume parties at school when i was just 3! I was dressed like a Spider! LOl...some of the funniest memories. Living in Dubai as a kid all I remember was studying... Meeting friends or attending kiddies bday bashes. I think my recent vacations after college were some of the best. Most of the time I was spending time with my family and friends. A couple of hours roasting on the beach (although most of the time was spent in the water) and relaxing. 

We went out to eat a few times, had to do some shopping at Malls . It's a huge place, loads of shops, everything from Gucci to Ralph Lauren, and loads of people of all cultures. And I still could not find stuff I liked, I'm just too choosy. Those holidays were a die-for. 

I had to find shoes and ran around trying to find shoes I liked. When I found a pair, they were not available in my size. I eventually found a pair of really expensive designer shoes, avoided sharing the cost with my mother!. Shopping for hours seemed to pass by really quick coz the discounts and variety are immense.

Following week, in the afternoon we went to the beach and had a go at parasailing. It was great. When you got up into the air, it was so quiet and peaceful, and the view was just amazing, and with the clear water, you could see anything in the water. It was a bit windy that day, so there was a bit of tugging at the rope, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

That felt like a great experience to share wit you guys. Another amazing memory of my stay in Dubai i have is my friends! I was so lil but i made some really sweet classmates for Pals. I wish i could get in touch with them!! A shout out to all my lovely friends in Dubai!!  :)

Hot is something Dubai may be for much – if not all – of the year. But when it comes to seriously ‘in’ holiday choices then this place is definitely ‘cool’. Why? Well, not only is it quick and easy to get too – it also has a night-perfect combination of sun, sand, sport and shopping.  And they’re all underpinned by impeccable service standards that blend traditional Arab hospitality with the latest hi-tech comforts of the western world. Ive listed out some interesting info for you guys not to miss out if you plan to go to amazing


We lived in Manana, the capital city a plush area and great neighbourhood. So here goes, Bahrain was HOT! Like most of the gulf places. But we have the best familes and neighbours there were Indians!!  I had my best friends living nearby and we would meet up in the evenings and just hang out. There were loads of playgrounds and I would remember being active in sports as well. Though the weather was hot, we never cared, it was just the carefree way of living.

Bahrain has that uniqueness to it for me when I remember it. The people were really simple and very caring. Arab girls were really naturally beautiful too by nature and looks. I was always fascinated to learn abt their language, which I took up in school.

The constant change in the places made me adapt to changes easily. Learning Arabic in our school group in ISB, had a combination of Arab, Americans and Indians...that exposure of kids at a very young age taught me a lot about bonding and understanding different people from all across cultures. 

The only thing that saddens me in the middle east has been wars. Bahrain also faced in recent years a few difficult situations of huge fights and wars. Just the fact that innocent people and children get caught in the middle of these battles breaks my heart and I pray to god that they find their peace and happiness. 

My message and learning has been to always appreciate people,the beauty that god has give you which is your life. It will feel good always and if you motivate and care about people from all across the world, it only reaps rewards. Dont hate or divide people. Dont judge or neglect people. The more you share and be caring, you are spreading love and kindness. :)

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