Sunday, June 26, 2016


We decided to go to Central Park on a random day. No plan, no idea when we would leave. Which resulted in a huge disaster, which was the fact that we were stuck in peak traffic in New York City. The not planning part was probably the most ridiculous part of it. We decided to go anyways. Even though we kept moving, the next nightmare was to find a parking spot. None anywhere, after searching for over 40 mins (which is considered reasonable by people I knew) we decided to go to paid parking which costed a fortune but seemed worth the wait. The rest of the adventure around the city was in Ubers which turned out to be more reasonable to deal with than anything else.

Luckily, I made sure to always carry snacks and food which is easy to eat like bread and sandwiches for my son who was now getting quite anxious by the 2nd hour of travel. The only thing that seemed to keep his excitement was the promise we would take him to the zoo. But sadly by the time we could have lunch in a restaurant which had a wait time for zillion hours, it was definitely life-changing and to finish by 3:30pm. We thought we could manage the zoo but instead we ended up reaching the zoo with traffic at 4:40pm. This city was unbelievable, the distance was just 20 mins but the traffic just caused the biggest delays and we missed the zoo. Lesson Learnt. Never plan on a random thought – result, will be no results. Unfortunately, we realized he would be sad and instead took him to the park. I have never been there to the park before so it was nice to go there and explore and take pics. We also had the horse ride that he really did enjoy, I fed the horse carrots too which was really cute. Jeez never knew horses had huge teeth, and one horse literally smiled quite funny that felt to be honest.

The weather was definitely amazing. We took advantage of it, and after exploring it more we decided to  take the horse ride and go shopping across the downtown. Oh my favorite guilty pleasure I have to say. We made jokes around walking around so much that our feet was paining and that traveling around was just on foot being the only way we could look at managing the situation.  I always believe in researching about the city I am going to visit. In all fairness now I probably visited New York like 5 times, but still I wanted to explore more about the city. So I made a sort of bucket list of places to visit. If you are curious like me and want to see more places in New York here is some fun facts I found online. A great way to know the city and get to know more about the New York life. Notice I have added xxDonexx next to the places I have visited. What is your bucket list?

Metropolitan Museum of Art – xx DONE xx
It would be possible to roam the labyrinthine corridors of the colossal Metropolitan Museum of Art for days. The Met has more than 2 million works of art representing 5,000 years of history, so it's a good idea to plan ahead; looking at everything here could take a week.

Times Square – xx DONE xx

Hands down, Times Square is the most frenetic part of New York City, a cacophony of flashing lights and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds that many New Yorkers studiously avoid. If you like sensory overload, the chaotic mix of huge underwear billboards, flashing digital displays, on-location television broadcasts, naked cowboys, and Elmo clones will give you your fix.

Empire State Building - DONE
With a pencil-slim silhouette, recognizable virtually worldwide, the Empire State Building is an Art Deco monument to progress, a symbol for New York City, and a star in some great romantic scenes, on- and off-screen. The views of the city from the 86th-floor deck are spectacular, but the views from 16 stories up on the 102nd-floor observatory are even more so—and yet, fewer visitors make it this far.

Museum of Modern Art - DONE

Art enthusiasts and novices alike are often awestruck by the masterpieces they find at the MoMA, including Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and Van Gogh's Starry Night. In addition to the artwork, one of the main draws of the museum is the building itself. A maze of glass walkways permits art viewing from many angles.

Brooklyn Bridge - DONE

One of New York's noblest and most recognized landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge stretches over the East River, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. A walk across its promenade—a boardwalk elevated above the roadway, shared by pedestrians, in-line skaters, and cyclists—takes about 40 minutes and delivers exhilarating views.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – xx DONE xx
For millions of immigrants, the first glimpse of America was the Statue of Liberty, growing from a vaguely defined figure on the horizon into a towering, stately colossus. Visitors approaching Liberty Island on the ferry from Battery Park may experience a similar sense of wonder. The neighboring Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration tells the story not just of Ellis Island but of immigration from the colonial era to the present day, though numerous galleries containing artifacts, photographs, and taped oral histories.

American Museum of Natural History
The largest natural history museum in the world is also one of the most impressive sights in New York. Four city blocks make up the American Museum of Natural History’s 45 exhibition halls, which hold more than 30 million artifacts from the land, sea, and outer space.

Central Park – xx Done xx 
A combination escape hatch and exercise yard, Central Park is an urbanized Eden that gives residents and visitors alike a bite of the apple. The busy southern section of Central Park, from 59th to 72nd Street, is where most visitors get their first impression. But no matter how many people congregate around here, you can always find a spot to picnic, ponder, or just take in the greenery, especially on a sunny day.


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